YouTube Masterclass – Is It Worth It?

Are YouTube Masterclasses really worth it?

Every year hundreds of people want to start a YouTube channel and every year, playing the YouTube game becomes a little bit more difficult. While YouTube is an ever growing platform, it becomes more difficult for new channels to stick out from the crowd. Established channels have taken over most niches and creating content around those topics seems almost not worth it anymore. This brings the question, should you invest in yourself and by a YouTube Masterclass in order to give yourself an advantage?

What is a YouTube Masterclass?

With YouTube growing as a platform and more creators opening up channels, established channels seek the opportunity and create masterclasses to educate you on YouTube and help you stand out.

These classes often promise some hidden secret that will fasttrack your YouTube journey and will get you to the top in almost no time. Most of these so-called masterclasses prey on the creators who are looking for shortcuts to make a big name for themselves in the least amount of time possible.

While there are definitely more than enough bad masterclasses out there that are simply a waste of money and do not provide any actual value, there are creators who do offer valuable lessons.

Who might benefit from a YouTube Masterclass?

Masterclasses in general often have a bad reputation. They are perceived as others trying to scam people who are seeking for knowledge, simply to make a quick buck. However, there are some masterclasses out there, which are worth the money and do provide the value they offer.

No matter if you are looking to buy a YouTube masterclass or a different type of lesson, the first step is to do your research. My first step is to look for reviews on YouTube and Google and see what others have to say about this masterclass.

After taking a masterclass you will often find that you could have found all the information for free on the web yourself if you just invested some time, and this holds true for most classes. Especially when it comes to creating and growing a YouTube channel, 100% of the information can be found for free on YouTube.

Masterclasses do have their space in the industry. If, in this case, starting a YouTube channel is something you are interested in and you simply want to know how to, getting a masterclass that is walking you through the process step by step explaining the basics, might be for you. Masterclasses provide comfort and save time and this might just make it worth it!

If you want to learn the basics of YouTube, you do not want to spend hours researching on what to do and what not, you are just looking for someone to walk you through it, buying a masterclass will be perfect for you!

A Free Alternative

YouTube masterclass

In 2015 Google launched its own YouTube masterclass called the Creator Academy. This service is 100% free to use and only requires you to login with your YouTube channel. The academy teaches everything around YouTube and offers hundreds of hours of lessons.

It is not a simple 5 hour masterclass walking you through the process, but rather an accumulation of classes and topics that you can study at your own time.

My personal Experience with a YouTube Masterclass

In April 2020 I decided to start a YouTube channel with the intent to create content and make a side income off it one day. I purchased a YouTube masterclass from Sunny Lenarduzzi called YouTube for Bosses.

Her program is about 8 hours long and walks you through setting up a YouTube channel step by step, all the way up to creating your first videos, doing your research and finding what content works for you and what might not work for your channel.

This program cost me $350 back in April and after I ran through it, I noticed that all this information was available for free on YouTube. Was the class worth it? In my opinion it was. The masterclass did the research for me, and that is what I paid for. Sunny also organised the information in a timeline and walked me through it.

The moral of the story is, when buying a masterclass you more often buy the comfort of someone doing the research for you, rather than searching for the information yourself. 

If you have other questions in regards to the masterclass I took, hit me up on my socials and I will go more into detail about it. If you would like to learn how to grow a live stream, you can check out my masterclass 100% for free, right here! I also created a written streaming guide, How to Stream to Twitch, which is worth checking out.


My name is Luk and I am here to help you set up your live stream. I believe live streams are one of the best forms of communicating with your target audience. Let’s get to work!
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