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Your Number 1 List of Sexy Anime Games


Lets start by saying that this is a safe place for all of us and we are going to talk about the best sexy anime games that you can play on any device including Xbox, PS4, PS5, Mobile, PC. So go make fun of others somewhere else.

The games in this list won’t be having a particular order just games thrown at random so let me know what you like best in the comments or on socials under RichiRichLabs and of course the SLA socials to recommend your own. Lots of these games support Japanese audio so it is great for those of you studying, actually, studying Japanese since it comes with tons and tons of VoiceOver work that can keep your ears, not just your eyes, busy and active.

As a disclaimer this list is not going to include the Steam super steamy games that aren’t allowed on consoles due to those games, honestly, most being just complete and utter trash so I’m looking to write about games that offer at least a basic good gameplay and design that is not just only for sucking simp’s wallets dry.

The Games

Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash for PC – PS4 – PS5

This is the most wet, bouncy, third person shooter you are ever going to play. It even has collectible cards just in case you need more reason to jump in an play a water shooter game with lots of talking and drama with decent interesting gameplay mechanics that honestly it is amazing that this game is even playable cause they could of just left it at collecting cards and watching your favorite waifus fight it off at the beach.

sexy anime games SENRAN-KAGURA
Sexy Anime Games – Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash

Senran Kagura Burst Renewal Tailor Made Edition PC – PS4 – PS5

Senran Kagura has to be in the top 5 of the best sexy anime games list cause it is a game that is pretty much synonymous with sexy anime games. The games are a mixture of hack and slash with story cutscenes if you can call them that and waifu drama that unfolds in lots of talking to themselves and others, plus, gameplay sections of gravity orgies for the players eyes coupled with decent mechanics to keep it from being just brain dead anime images being thrown at your eyeballs.

Your Number 1 List of Sexy Anime Games onechanbara origin key visual 1024x576 1
Sexy Anime Games – Senran Kagura Burst Renewal Tailor Made Edition

Onechanbara Origin PS4 – PS5

This game is the remastered, enhanced, prequel to the Onechanbara Z2: Chaos waifu version of Devil May Cry. The game features everything that the Devil May Cry series is lacking in exchange of an actual story, but you are getting the best hack and slash third person view of the waifus that will make you want to get cut a thousand times and die while you stare at them all in Japanese voice over glory.

Your Number 1 List of Sexy Anime Games SNK Heroines Review Cover 1024x576 1
Onechanbara Origin PS4 – PS5

SNK Heroines Switch – PS4 – PS5

Look are going to give you Xbox players some love is just that besides some novels and fighting games the Xbox platform hasn’t been too fond of sexy anime games with amazing waifus all bringing you gameplay that bounces just right in the jaapense language.

This game is a simple fighting game with decent mechanics at the core of the fighting, but it falls a bit flat when it comes to anything else besides waifu fighting and customizing, but if you buy it at a sale I say no worries jimmy.

Dead or Alive 5 and Dead or Alive 6 Xbox – PS4 – PS5 – PC

I would mention to you the Dead or Alive Extreme versions of the frachise, but you cannot get those easily here in the USA so I went for the dormant yet deep and good fighting series version of the games. DOA for short, is a legit fighting game at its core with deep fighting mechanics that rival or surpass even the top dogs like MK11 and Tekken series of games in how deep the fighting can be.

The game suffered from the lack of balancing the sex appeal and the seriousness of the gameplay as to a fighting game. DOA 5 will give you more outfits and some argue better gameplay than the newer entry DOA6 which after about 1-2 years of being out it went into a dormant state where we dont know what is going to happen to the fighting franchise of DOA while the sexy gamble, waifu simulator Extreme series of DOA is out there in Japan gracing gamers with the fittest waifus you can find in the inter webs.

sexy anime gamessexy anime games
Dead or Alive 5 and Dead or Alive 6

Genshin Impact – PC – PS4/PS5 – Mobile iOS & Android

Your Number 1 List of Sexy Anime Games Genshin Impact Telah Hadir 01 1024x576 1
Sexy Anime Games – Genshin Impact

What started as a Nintendo Zelda breath of the wild copycat has become its own unique game that even though it is played with gotcha pay to win annoying trashy mobile gaming mechanics, it at least offers a fun sort of unique world that as long as you take it casually you can enjoy completely free.

It is huge in China and even in the western world because well you can see it everywhere even on the major Console platform the PlayStation from Sony. It is surprising that it has not arrived on the Nintendo switch yet, but you can practically play it anywhere and it even has a crossover with horizon zero dawn main character Aloy.

Tower of Fantasy – PC – Mobile iOS & Android

Your Number 1 List of Sexy Anime Games 11031626255382211 1024x576 1
Sexy anime Games – Tower of Fantasy

Look before you go on and bash my list hear me out, the reason why I added Tower of Fantasy right after Genshin Impact is because it is not a bad game. Yes it might have copied a little too much from Genshin Impact into its own game and it has actually been unsuccessful in China, yet, it delivers a more fan service, waifu centric – filled video game than Genshin Impact.

I detest the loot box gotcha system in any video game even a OverWatch which is a huge insult in my opinion to a AAA title, but nonetheless I will give credit where it’s due. Tower of fantasy provides a more sexy waifu mobile and PC gaming experience than Geshin Impact does. I also prefer the art style from Tower of Fantasy over Genshin Impact’s breath of the wild graphics so I believe both games can coexist.

Video games copying each other happens all the time and from what I have seen yes maybe tower of fantasy overstepped, yet, I will leave that to the professionals while I casually enjoy hey sexy anime video game that is so badly optimized even the mighty Divinity Original Sin 2 60 FPS 1440p capable iPad Pro M1 with 16gb of RAM struggles to run at a steady 120 fps or even 60 fps at high settings.

If you want more in depth gaming for mobile than you can’t go wrong with some mobile strategy card games just go on over and read my list of the Best Mobile Strategy Card Video Games

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