You need to Play Rainbow Six Siege at 120 FPS on Xbox Series X

You need to Play Rainbow Six Siege at 120 FPS on Xbox Series X

     If you have been playing or just barely started playing the 5+ year old game Rainbow Six Siege on console and are wanting to play at your best performance than you need an Xbox series X!

     First for those of you who do not know what the game is all about let me explain it to you. It is a tactical five versus five multiplayer first person shooter game with no aim assist whatsoever! You heard me right it is a first person shooter on console with no aim assist at all. 

     I personally play Gears 5 with no aim assist, but I don’t play Call of Duty without it since I play on console, but I do appreciate the uniqueness and fair playing field on console when it comes to Rainbow Six Siege multiplayer.

     The game is a slow paced tactical shooter that requires teamwork because there is no such thing as one-man army like there is in Call of Duty.

     The reason why the game is so popular for so many years is because it is a formula that not many other games can’t even come close to matching.

     On the Xbox one S and Xbox one X you are looking at 60 FPS when going on multiplayer game modes. It is a stable 60fps mostly due in part to the game that being graphically demanding hence forth its age.

     The Xbox series X brings with it a few graphical improvements but not much and that is mostly because of how old the engine is for the game therefore you can’t really push it too far. The thing you can push hard is the FPS up to a fast silky smooth 120 FPS

     The audio has been reworked also and even though it is not far better then before when paired up with 120 FPS mode you are looking at the best way to play this game.

     If your aim and reaction time plus positioning sucks though it won’t mean much plus your team has to work together so don’t expect one-man army players running around with an Xbox series X dominating lobbies.


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