You Need To Play Fortnite Battle Royale at 120FPS with The New Xbox Series X

You Need To Play Fortnite Battle Royale at 120FPS with The New Xbox Series X

     If you want to take Fortnite to the next level and dominate in battle royale then you need the new Xbox series X or the Xbox series S or a PC. 

     I will be focusing on the new Xbox series X rather than the Xbox series ass, but stick around because in the next couple days I will be sharing my findings on the performance analysis of the Xbox series X versus the Xbox one is so stay put.  

     For this article and video I will be focusing on the performance analysis of the Xbox Series X versus the Xbox One X.

     The Xbox One X is capable of running Fortnite Battle Royale at dynamic 4K and 60 FPS. The console honestly does a really good job at delivering a beautiful Fortnite experience with HDR included. 

     The thing is that the Xbox One X has a old slow CPU which the new Xbox series X is capable of leveraging the newest technology in CPU performance bringing with it 120 FPS at 1440P plus physics enhancements.

     With the new Xbox Series X version of Fortnite which is not yet fully optimized for the new consoles since epic is holding most of the big graphical improvements for when they release the updated version of Fortnite Battle Royale on Unreal Engine 5 what we get right now is a nice 120 FPS mode that bounces between 100 and 120 FPS. 

     I personally think that FreeSync or VRR enabled TV or monitor are recommended in order to truly enjoy this high frame rate mode since it does not hold them locked. I still believe that it is not a requirement to have one of those enable TV or monitors, because when you have a drop frame from 100 to 120 it does not feel the same as having a dropped frame from 60 down to 50 or 40.

     In my new video where I will be testing the Xbox Series S performance I will be analyzing the game without VRR enabled to see if the drops are truly bad or not. Stick around the YouTube channel and Streaming live academy to see that when it releases later this week. 

     The volumetric clouds are one thing that you do lose when you enable 120 FPS mode on the Xbox Series S. The game also goes down to 1080P instead of 1200P resolution which honestly I will see for my self if it truly looks worse or not. The clouds do stay on the Xbox Series X. The Xbox One X does not do anything above 60FPS and no volumetric clouds.

     The physics upgrades that they did add to the game are better water texture and physics. The grass and material reacts more natural to the wind and explosions which make building battles look a little more interesting. It is not a full graphical update until next year so for now besides 120 FPS mode you aren’t missing much on…maybe the clouds? If you are into that. Plus less chance of having a drop in FPS due to high demand and trust me Fortnite feels much much better at 120 FPS.
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