You Need Free Sync or VRR to Play Warzone at 120 FPS Xbox Series X

     Today I want to share with you the reality that the new Xbox series X that you want will be able to play the call of duty war zone video game at 120 FPS. 

     The issue is that it is not stable. You can do it, but it is suggested that you do 60 FPS instead if you don’t have a TV with Free Sync or VRR. The reason is because the game once you set your Xbox series X or Xbox series S to 120 Hz it will attempt to play the game at 120 FPS.

     Both the Xbox series X and Xbox series S cannot with the current settings reach 120 FPS according to Digital Foundry and other analyzing content creators including myself we can confirm that the game currently does not reach 120 FPS and the frame pacing jumps between 80 FPS to 100 FPS meaning that if you don’t have VRR or Free Sync TV or Monitor it will be a choppy mess.

     Once you have VRR or Free Sync enabled it is playable and actually much better than just 60 FPS, but we are hoping that Warzone will be updated with an actual Xbox series X Optimized update and that will bring the FPS closer to or exactly 120 FPS. 

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