You Don’t Need The New Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

You Don't Need The New Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

If you don’t understand the meaning of HDR or VR or AR for that matter then more than likely you don’t need the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

HDR stands for “high dynamic range” which the new iPhones camera is capable of recording 10 bit color video. Using Dolby‘s Dolby Vision format to create HDR video on the fly and you can actually edit such a video which for a portable camera it is like Apple said the first!

We don’t know yet how good that HDR camera is going to be, but what we are here to discuss is if you are going to get your moneys worth out of that iPhone 12 Pro Max. If you don’t care for HDR videos, meaning, you don’t need them then an iPhone 12 is going to be good enough for video since the difference between both models isn’t day and night. 

The camera system is definitely better at night time photography and software with all cameras being able to do night mode and deep fusion plus lidar making auto focus quicker henceforth making sure that any and all cameras on the phone or working at their full potential, but do you need all that for an extra $300? Let us know in the comment section on social media utilizing the #StreamingLiveAcademy

If you want to take care of your necessities and be above the average when it comes to night time photography and video then the iPhone 12 is going to be just that, but if you want to be on the bleeding edge of technology to the point that you might not even utilize it all, but you have the money and you want that then go at it. Of course it is your money and maybe you want to future proof your phone then yes the iPhone 12 Pro Max will just do that, but not by much compared to the iPhone 12.

Back with the iPhone 11 Pro and the non-iPhone 11 I would say that future proofing definitely besides the old screen the iPhone 11 Pro was the better choice, but now they are so similar that you’re not going to lose out on much with the lower model, but that brings me to the end of my article which I would like to point out that this year‘s iPhone lineup separates the pro consumer from the non-pro consumer much better and more than any other generation of Apple devices.
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