You are Right Minecraft is Boring on the New Xbox Series X

The new Xbox Series X comes with as much power as a $1,500 computer and it plays games at 120 FPS without a hitch with the likes of Gears 5, Fortnite, and Halo Master a chief Collection, but Minecraft is still stuck in the Xbox One days and it’s not the new Xbox Series X fault. 

The updates for Minecraft have been a bit of a sad story when it comes to graphics that are officially supported and not mods from third parties. The Mega Super Duper Graphics pack never came and it disappeared. 

The Ray Tracing update is nowhere to be found and Minecraft hasn’t gotten any updates to really show case the new hardware when the likes of Fortnite have received better graphics and resolution plus 120 FPS modes. 

The game Warzone from Call of Duty shows that Xbox backwards Compatibility allows for great tweaks to graphics and performance without having to do much work or do a full Optimized for Xbox Series X update:

Activision got the game running at 90-120 FPS without doing much work so Minecraft could do something nice for us.

The question is what would you like to see? I personally don’t care for 120 FPS on Minecraft I want to see graphics such as lighting and shadows with nice particle effects etc. The thing is I would be happy with only Ray Tracing and nothing more even at 1080P.

I just dislike how slow and boring the Minecraft version of Xbox is compared to PC specially with the new console around and with their bad track record of adding graphical changes I think you and I will be stuck with a boring uneventful version of Minecraft on Xbox platform.
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