Yes no jailbreak needed for your iPhone, or iPad to play Nintendo, Wii, and Game Cube with DolphiniOS

Written by RichieRichLabs

September 1, 2022


Nintendo video games are some of the most popular in the world, and many people want to be able to play them on their iPhone or iPad with no jailbreak getting in the way. With DolphiniOS, that is now possible! DolphiniOS is a powerful emulator that allows you to play Wii and Nintendo GameCube games on your iOS device for free. In this article, I will show you how to install DolphiniOS and start playing your favorite Nintendo games right away.

I can get Streaming Live Academy in a lot of trouble if I show you how you can get the actual ROM file of any Nintendo video game so all I’m gonna say is Google it (best roms) and you will find the files easily and. I will however show you how to use them after you found one.

I also recommend that you get good karma by actually owning or having had owned one copy of any game you put in your emulator. The exception of Cours is for games that you never had a chance to play and Nintendo is lazy to not allow you or us to purchase it in any shape or form that makes sense.

Get The AltStore First

Disclaimer first: I will show you on a quick 60 second video how to do the whole process, but if you do better with text, make sure you read after the video. You will need to have the AltStore already installed so follow this article here to figure that out and once you install that get back here and let’s get to work or play actually…


Download DolphiniOS for free – No Jailbreak Needed

Assuming you have the AltStore installed, open it up and go to the My Apps section. From there, select DolphiniOS from the list of available apps. Once the app has been installed, launch it and follow the on-screen instructions to get started.

DolphiniOS Altstore no jailbreak
Yes no jailbreak needed for your iPhone, or iPad to play Nintendo, Wii, and Game Cube with DolphiniOS 5

on iOS or iPadOS you are going to need to find your ROM file inside your device by clicking the plus icon as you can see in the following images: (I remember to check your recent and downloads folder, and I suggest you put the files in a local folder that you can easily find or remember what it’s called).

DolphiniOS No Jailbreak needed
DolphiniOS Game Catalog Menu
ROMs in DolphiniOS
Recents iOS DolphiniOS

Once you find your ROM video game file, you will tap it and it will show up. Here is where we need to enable JIT in order to be able to run the GameCube or Nintendo Wii video game.

You need to be connected to your old server through your Wi-Fi or an external VPN app that will allow you to connect to the old server without having to be on your local Wi-Fi network or your main computer to be turned on. Follow this link for our guide on how to enable remote activation of JIT (currently finding a new method)

Enable JIT DolphiniOS
Yes no jailbreak needed for your iPhone, or iPad to play Nintendo, Wii, and Game Cube with DolphiniOS 6

Once you have enable JIT on your altserver, you will select the game you want to play and wait at the pop up window mentioning the JIT until it automatically goes away. Once it goes away, you are a good and set to play and enjoy modern resolutions for some amazing Nintendo classic like Metroid prime on iPhone and iPad.

Let us know what games are you playing on your iPhone or iPad and here is the official website of the old store, just in case you need hands on AltStore

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