Yes Xbox Series X 8k is Real, but Needs Context

The Xbox Series X 8k capability is not something we are going to see right now and it won’t work the way that you think it will once it comes out. The Xbox Series X is an amazing piece of hardware for the price and it is capable of 8k content, but that content is what we are going to talk about.

Xbox Series X 8k
Xbox Series X Microsoft Official Website Image

They are Not Lying

As you can see even Microsoft with Xbox is saying that the Xbox Series X 8k capability is real, but read it good, cause it is not saying with Gaming. They say that the Xbox Series X is capable of true 4K gaming and that is true, but the 8k HDR is referring to other types of content.

The Xbox Series X is capable of output that reaches 8k images or video, but that doesn’t mean that it can produce them or make them from scratch since the GPU and CPU would have to be much more powerful. I argue that even with the upscaling technology becoming much more powerful and efficient we are not going to get a great 8k gaming experience from this machine.

I think that the goal of Xbox and Microsoft is to allow us to reach 8k video watching like YouTube, Netflix, Apple TV+, etc. They won’t say it will be a 8k gaming cause more than likely we are going to see a handful of indie titles doing it and they will work, but they will be simple. The bigger AAA titles won’t even reach it with upscaling techniques natively, but they might with streaming thru the cloud with Xbox Game Pass.

If you haven’t heard you will be able to stream Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S games to the older Xbox One consoles later in 2021. I believe that we will be able to stream 8k gaming to the Xbox Series X in the future, but not really play them from the console at that super high resolution. Xbox Series X 8k is not a lie and it is real, but it needs the right context.

Xbox Game Pass will bring us 8k gaming to the Xbox Series X is what I will run with as the simple answer, thanks to the cloud. We cannot turn on 8k on the Xbox Series X yet, because Microsoft has that feature locked thru the software. I personally agree with their decision cause the average consumer might get confused and it is not worth adding drama or questions to the Xbox experience for the 8k content that is not there.

You can buy 8k TVs now, but there won’t be much content for you to play on it and even if it is upscale you are paying for fake 8k that won’t look better than what is out there at native 4K. Allowing the feature to be on now makes no sense, but once the 8k content starts rolling out to the masses on the streaming services I believe we will see them enable it with a software patch or update.

In short Xbox Series x 8k is not a lie, but it needs more time and it won’t be gaming without the help of the cloud with Xbox Game Pass. That is why I believe in the need for an Xbox Series X 2.0 or Pro.

Can Xbox Series X Play 8k content?

Xbox Series X 8k

Yes it can, but it won’t do gaming at that level natively more than likely without help from the cloud with Xbox Game Pass.

Can Xbox Series X output 8k content?

Xbox Series X 8k

Yes it can, but not right now. It is locked and when it becomes available more than likely it won’t do many games at that resolution without the aid of the cloud.


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