Xbox Series S is Easy to Find

The Xbox Series S is Easy to Find at least in the USA.

It is easy to find

I have been going to some Walmarts, Sam’s Club and other retailers physically and online where I have been surprised by how more often than not there are some Xbox Series S consoles available to purchase.

You might be wondering why isn’t that the case with the Xbox Series X and the PS5 or the Nintendo Switch?

Those other consoles are hard though

The Xbox Series S uses a left over or hand me down SOC or chip from the Xbox Series X. The console is created from chips that didn’t meet the higher requirements of the Xbox Series X specs so that gives Microsoft a good advantage in recycling their materials in comparison to the Nintendo Switch or the PS5. Hence forth making it so the Xbox Series S is Easy to Find

Yet the PS5 is so far more popular so that affects its available inventory, but it sucks for Sony when a chip doesn’t come out right they are in more of a financial pickle than Xbox with Microsoft.

Nintendo Switch on the other hand doesn’t have a really advanced chip therefore it doesn’t have to worry or suffer as much from bad chips since the process of making the Nintendo Switch SOC is much easier and cheaper.

We might not be able to

We might not be able to find Xbox Series X at a retail in a walk in basis or even the PS5 and Nintendo Switch for the rest of this year, but I’m still hopeful that the estimated availability time line of the end of this year from Sony and Microsoft will come to fruition and we will be able to walk into a Walmart or Best Buy to buy any of these consoles.

What do you think? Are we going to be able to or is this going to go into 2023? By the way if you want something great to play on your Xbox Series S go on and check out Fortnite with its new Zero Build mode that is a ton of fun specially at 120 fps which the Xbox Series S allows.

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