Xbox Quick Resume is Mostly Great

Here is why I think Xbox Quick Resume is Mostly Great, Halo Infinite, Apex Legends, and other multiplayer games require an online connection to work and Quick Resume sometimes doesn’t like that.

Annoying Mostly

The reality is that Quick Resume can work with online multiplayer games, but first let me give you some context as to why Xbox Quick Resume is Mostly Great with these kinds of games. When you switch to play Marvel Guardians of The Galaxy then go into Dark Souls just to later switch to Bioshock Remaster and finish up going into Apex Legends. You re do the cycle of games I just mentioned to you and when you reach Apex Legends you realize that it loaded the menu and you are back in the main lobby, but in less than 30 seconds you are kicked out cause the connection has expired.

That experience with Apex Legends is something that you get with Halo Infinite often and other multiplayer games that for some reason don’t reconnect you in a fast manner like Fortnite does. Fortnite is one of the best at using Quick Resume and it is not perfect.

It will at times lose the main lobby and or fail to reconnect you directly and forces you to reload the main lobby, but those instances are rare when compared to the other games in the list like Halo Infinite and Apex Legends.

Yet Amazing when it works

The new Xbox Spring update for 2022 allows you to keep 2 main games in Quick Resume that will make sure that those two games never leave your Quick Resume game list. I have been able to have about 6-8 games at all times in my quick resume, but the more multiplayer games you have the less quick resume games you seem to be able to keep.

I can say that this feature is a big selling feature for single player gamers over the PlayStation 5, but of course we first need single player titles on Xbox.

Xbox Quick Resume is Mostly Great
Xbox Quick Resume is Mostly Great

If you need to know how to know if a game supports Quick Resume just look for the words Quick Resume on the screen when you engage the dashboard like this image showcases:
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