Xbox One X Might be Better Than Xbox Series S… Saints Row 3 Remastered Performance

If you are playing Saints Row The Third Remastered on a couch far away from your TV then the Xbox One X might be a better console to play the game on then the Xbox Series S here’s why:

The reason I say this is found in the video above but if you don’t wanna watch it then here is the short version of that video which by the way stick around with #StreamingLiveAcademy for the best variety focused quality video game news that isn’t paid for so you get honesty and the straight story.

Saints Row The Third Remastered is the game you want if you are wanting over the top fun with no political agenda behind it like lots of games out there suffer from now a days so if you are ready than you are!

This game delivers on the Xbox One S a 1080 P image with 30FPS cap and the Xbox One X delivers 1440 P at almost 60 FPS. You need VRR on your TV or Monitor to fully enjoy this game at 60 FPS on anything that isn’t Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S.

You will need to turn off the frame recap within settings under display and then you can enjoy Saints Row the Third Remastered the way it should’ve been since the beginning. The reason why I mentioned that the Xbox One X might be better than the Xbox series S for you when it comes to playing this game is because if you’re not playing on a monitor it is not going to be as sharp on the Xbox One X because it is running the backwards compatibility model base version of the Xbox One S adding a more stable FPS only which is still enough to play, but if you already have an Xbox One X you might not need to worry about upgrading to a next generation console anyway.

You decide in the comment section below of the YouTube video or using the #endwaro7 to let me know what you think. If you pretty much only care about this game and some other ones then I would say don’t upgrade to a new Xbox, but if you do play other games then for sure go ahead if you can afford it.

If you are interested in the Xbox Series X version of the game then check out the following video:
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