Xbox Game Pass Quest November 2020 Guide

     It is that time of the year again ladies and gentlemen when we are presented with our monthly and first week Xbox game pass Quest! Stay put because we have a lot to cover and if you want to stay up-to-date on the weekly ones throughout the month of November then stick around streaming live and make sure to follow the YouTube channel of ENDWARO7. 

     The first monthly Xbox game pass Quest guide I want to talk about is the black desert online quest Earn 2,000 Gifted Sellswords. This quest will take you around 20 to 40 minutes which is a lot of time, but the game itself is a huge massive multiplayer online game that honestly deserves your time to at least give it a shot specially since this update the performance levels seem to have improved to the point that it is actually playable on the Xbox one X which means that the Xbox series X an Xbox series X are going to be a charm. I actually stopped playing this third person adventure MMO because The performance levels were just unacceptable so make sure you give it a try and I believe you’re going to enjoy the game specially if you are into character creation since black desert online has one of the best character creation tools out there. 

     Pillars of eternity monthly Xbox game pass quest – defeat 5 enemies is one of the simple yet in my opinion a little bit annoying quest for this month of November 2020. It’s not at the game is bad it’s just that I don’t tend to play this kind of genre of game there for figuring out how to get the quest unlocked was hard and not in a good way, because once I did it in a recorded video it was a piece of cake to the point that it made me wonder why I struggled so much in the first place. You pretty much just need to play the game and maybe even restart from the beginning which might be faster than playing the game pass the 10 or so minutes mark so watch the video and let me know what you think.

     Resident evil seven biohazard monthly Xbox game pass quest guide – obtain 7 items is an easy one and if you check the common section on the video itself on YouTube you will see a hint by one of the viewers whose comment I pinned to the comment section so we all can know that we can actually get the seven required items as soon as possible before things keep escalating in scariness. 

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      For the weekly quest I recommend go check out the YouTube channel and make sure you subscribe and hit the bell with a like along the way so you get notified whenever the weekly quest come out and how to figure them out the quickest and easiest way.
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