Xbox Game Pass Quest Guide For October 2020

Xbox Game Pass Quest Guide For October 2020

     Hi there everybody ENDWARO7 here coming at you with the Xbox game pass quest guide for October 2020 monthly quest. The monthly Quests for this month are looking to be easier than the ones from last month where we had to work for one full hour on one of them, but this month the longest one we were looking at is about 30 to 45 minutes so we are in for a treat.

     For those wondering the Xbox game pass quest our designed to give us Microsoft points which then can be redeemed for free Xbox game pass ultimate or gift cards to multiple different stores or food chains; For example I haven’t been paying for my Xbox game pass ultimate for the past few months because I’ve been able to gather enough Microsoft points from the Xbox game pass quest and specially now that they are running the Xbox Series X Microsoft Rewards special events where you can get 1/3 of every point you need in order to unlock three free months worth of Xbox game pass ultimate for just 1 event it makes it super easy so visit this video down below to get a full break down of how you can get your’s for free: 

     We will start off with the F1 2019 Xbox game pass monthly quest where we are required to complete 15 laps. I highly recommend watching the video, but if you don’t have the time then all you need to do is boot up the game and head over to Grand Prix mode in the single player mode and select which F1 year you want to experience and choose three tracks, because the game already by default sets five laps which means you will need to complete the three tracks and it takes about one and a half to two minutes to complete one lap so just multiply 2 times 15 and you get about 30 minutes plus loading times so you are looking at around 30-40 minutes for this quest for 75 Microsoft points.

     The next monthly Xbox game pass quest worth 75 Microsoft points is human fall flat where you need to climb 70 meters. This one is an easy one and simple yet the initial 5 to 10 minutes might be hard because the controls are hard to get a hang off, but once you do it is a blast and honestly I recommend just play the game and you will be done in no time. If you are the impatient one and don’t like the game or just want the points then you’re looking at about 10 minutes worth of climbing stuff. Just make sure that when you climb over things that your 2 feet land or are over on the object itself as shown in the video embedded below this section of the article. Remember if you have any questions on any of these quest don’t forget to hit up the team especially on social media‘s under ENDWARO7 

     The third Xbox game pass a monthly quest for October 2020 is going to be no other than Wasteland 3. This quest takes about 15 to 20 minutes to complete and it is actually quite simple you just have to play the game for that amount of time pretty much. The achievements are literally the first three achievements in the game two of them you can get them by just plain because one of them is to actually die in the game and the other one is to reach a certain point which only takes a few minutes and the third one is an event and it is one that you can complete by finishing the level or managing to burn a cluster of enemies which is an easy event that it is hard to miss. I will be having the video link below this part of the article for those people that want a visual representation of what I just spoke, but remember if you just play the game normally and beat the first level or so and make sure you die at least once, meaning losing all your characters, you will be fine and within 20 or so minutes you will have your monthly game pass Quest completed for 75 Microsoft points.

     The last one is Absolver and this one is honestly one of the most annoying and hard ones. The nature of this one makes it hard to calculate how long it will take because it can take about 15 to 30 minutes or more because it requires you to beat other human players which are almost randomly found or positioned inside the gaming world. This is a fighting game where the button smashing combat is simple and it does get a little more complicated if you decide to invest further time into the game, but in order to get this Xbox game pass monthly quest for 75 Microsoft points you only need to beat up six human players which depending on your luck they might be quite good at the game or just have a higher level up gear than you do so be prepared to be frustrated, but it is not impossible. It is definitely in my opinion the hardest of all the monthly quest for this month. When playing on the right hand corner it will tell you when someone has joined your area that you were walking in so make sure you play about 5 to 10 minutes into the game without fighting every single character you find along the way and eventually that is when you will start seeing the other human players appear more often as you go further into the game. I will have a video up and in bedded into this section of the article once I complete it. Remember if you have any questions let me know on social media and don’t forget to visit our podcast weekly towards the end of the week which will be shared with an article on this website and please use the #StreamingLiveAcademy

     Until then I’ll be enjoying some Metroid prime and super smash brothers ultimate on the Nintendo switch and let me know and the team what games you’re playing on our Instagram and Twitter accounts under the same name as the website streamingliveacademy.
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