Xbox Series X | S New FPS Boost Mode Is Official!

Not all Xbox games will support Boost Mode, but hopefully your favorites will make the list on the Xbox Series X|S.

Back in 2020 Microsoft and Xbox said that the new Xbox consoles Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S were going to allow us to play our old Xbox titles at higher FPS. The name of that update has been revealed and it is called FPS Boost Mode.

They also promised that the games would bring better texture filtering and loading times in other words we would be getting enhanced performance from the new Xbox devices for our older video game library titles.

Boost Mode fallout 4 xbox 30 to 60 fps auto update

Microsoft showcased Fallout 4 running at 30 FPS and then being upgraded with the FPS boost mode for the new Xbox consoles to run at 60 FPS without the need of having the developer update the title.

This was a great and promising showcase of Microsoft an Xbox commitment of transcending the console wars. They understand that Xbox hardware needs to evolve beyond hardware only and become a service. You might have heard that an Xbox is quite literally just a PC that is focused solely on video game playing and this console generation showcases that the best. Microsoft understands that PC and Xbox video games are to be one if they are too move into the next true next generation of video games.

I still believe in the Xbox hardware personally because I believe that optimization is more important than raw power on a device let me know what you think on social media about that using the #StreamingLiveAcademy or @endwaro7 with the social links in this article. 

Going back to the Xbox FPS Boost Mode update it is going to make the selected titles run from 30FPS up to 60 FPS or 60 FPS up to 120 FPS and subtitles even 30 FPS all the way to 120 FPS.

The library of titles will expand with time, probably, in simile tude to the Xbox 360 backwards compatibility list or the original Xbox backwards compatibility list. The titles that will be updated through Xbox rather than the developer of the video game itself is going to be selected by the Xbox team and hopefully they will allow the community to vote on which games get the update.

We will have a menu update on the Xbox spring update that will allow us to change the Auto HDR feature turning it on or off depending if you want it or not, for example Overwatch on the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S looks like Borderlands when the Auto HDR is enabled. That would be a circumstance where you might want to disable the Auto HDR feature.

overwatch auto HDR

The + FPS Boost Mode will be able to be disabled in case you want to experience the video game in its original form or maybe it has some kind of game breaking bug or a bug that hampers the experience significantly.

For example Subnautica works wonderfully with auto HDR, but when you enable 60 FPS mode through the console admin window you find out that some of the animations get stuck in 30 FPS while you are playing at 60 FPS and that might be too much for you so you might want to turn it off, but for me it isn’t, yet that is an example of a situation where you would want to be able to enable or disable the feature.

For now the only titles that will come with this mode enabled by default, until the Xbox spring update releases, are as follows Far Cry 4, New Super Lucky’s Tale, Sniper Elite 4, UFC 4, and Watch Dogs 2. I will be testing these games and posting the results of my testing through the YouTube channel ENDWARO7 and respectively adding articles to
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