Xbox Backwards Compatibility Update Coming Soon 60 FPS for 30 FPS Old Titles!

Xbox Backwards Compatibility Update Coming Soon 60 FPS for 30 FPS Old Titles Will Never Be The Same!

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S were promised to bring double frame rates from 30 FPS up to 60 FPS to older Xbox titles such as Mass Effect, Fallout 3 and other Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One video games. February 17th is when we are supposed to find out when and how we are to enjoy this free Xbox Series X/S update. 

The feature was promised last year on this Xbox official article where they explained how we are going to add Auto HDR, higher resolutions, better performance, and faster loading times and adding anisotropic filtering to older titles. 

The higher resolution will probably be limited to what the developers set back when the game was originally released and never saw an Xbox One X optimized update. The higher frame rates from 30 FPS to 60 FPS is supposed to be an auto upgrade with no developer input same as the anisotropic filtering that was exclusive to Xbox One X backwards compatibility titles will be auto applied to Xbox Backwards Compatibility titles without the developer having to do anything else to the game. 

The loading times will be a combination of software and raw hardware improvements such as the nature of a faster SSD over the older HDD technology. The Auto HDR is one of my favorite features specially for games like Subnautica and the original Mass Effect Trilogy since it truly brings a lot of color variety and life that makes the graphics stick out. It’ll be nice to play Subnautica at 60 FPS without having to use console commands. 

What titles are you most excited to play again with these new upgrades? I will have to change what I said earlier in the Mass Effect videos that in order to enjoy the Mass Effect original Trilogy at 60 FPS we are going to have to pay for the Mass Effect Legendary Edition which now if this update does come a reality we won’t have to buy the Mass Effect Legendary Edition in order to enjoy those video games at 60 FPS and just enjoy the current titles which you can play for free under Xbox Game Pass Ultimate specially with this video guide that I made for you to use the Microsoft Rewards Program to earn them Microsoft Points to redeem some free Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.
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