Why You’re Unable to Join Your Friend in Elden Ring – Troubleshooting Tips & Solutions

Why You’re Unable to Join Your Friend in Elden Ring – Troubleshooting Tips & Solutions

Elden Ring is an upcoming action role-playing game developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. The game has been highly anticipated by gamers all over the world due to its impressive graphics and exciting gameplay. Elden Ring has been designed to be played both online and offline, but some players have reported encountering issues when attempting to join their friends in the online multiplayer mode.

If you’re unable to join your friend in Elden Ring, there are several troubleshooting tips and solutions that you can try. In this article, we will explore the most common issues that players face when playing online multiplayer mode, as well as the best ways to troubleshoot these issues.

Common Issues Players face in Elden Ring Online Mode

1. Connection Errors

One of the most common issues that players face when joining their friends in Elden Ring’s online multiplayer mode is connection errors. Connection errors can occur when the game is unable to establish a stable connection between the player and the server. When this happens, players will be unable to join their friend’s game and will receive an error message instead.

2. Incompatibility Between Game Versions

Another common issue that players face when trying to join their friend’s game in Elden Ring is incompatibility between game versions. This occurs when players have different versions of the game or when one of the players has not installed the latest game updates. If this happens, players will not be able to play together in the game’s online multiplayer mode.

3. Firewall Restrictions

Firewall restrictions can also cause issues when attempting to join games in Elden Ring online mode. Firewalls can prevent the game from communicating with the server, which can result in connection errors and other issues.

4. NAT Type Issues

Network Address Translation (NAT) is used by many routers to translate the private IP addresses used by computers on a home network into public IP addresses used by the internet. If the NAT type is set to strict or moderate, it can cause issues when attempting to join Elden Ring’s online multiplayer mode.

Solutions To Join Your Friend in Elden Ring

1. Check Your Internet Connection

The first step in troubleshooting any connection problems is to check your internet connection. Make sure that your internet connection is stable and fast enough for playing online multiplayer games. You can also try resetting your router or modem to see if that resolves the issue.

2. Check Game Versions

Ensure that both you and your friend have the same game version and have installed the latest updates. If one player has not updated the game, this can cause incompatibility issues when attempting to join the online multiplayer mode.

3. Disable Firewall

In some instances, firewalls can cause connection problems when attempting to join online multiplayer games. To troubleshoot this issue, temporarily disable your firewall and see if you can connect to your friend’s game. If the issue is resolved, then make sure to configure your firewall settings to permit Elden Ring communication in the future.

4. Set NAT Type to Open

Setting the NAT type to open can also resolve connection issues when playing online multiplayer games. To set the NAT type to open, you can refer to your router’s instruction manual or contact your internet service provider for assistance.

In Conclusion

Elden Ring’s online multiplayer mode allows players to join and play with their friends, but some players have experienced issues when trying to join games. The most common issues that players face are connection errors, incompatibility between game versions, firewall restrictions, and NAT type issues.

Fortunately, there are several ways to troubleshoot these issues, such as checking your internet connection, ensuring both you and your friend have the same game version, disabling your firewall, and setting your NAT type to open. By following these troubleshooting tips and solutions, you can join your friend in playing Elden Ring’s online multiplayer mode, and enjoy an immersive gaming experience.


1. How can I check my NAT type in Elden Ring?

You can check your NAT type in the game’s settings menu. Go to the network settings section, and you will see the NAT type.

2. What should I do if I cannot connect to Elden Ring’s servers?

If you’re unable to connect to Elden Ring’s servers, check your internet connection, ensure the game is updated to the latest version, and contact the game’s support team for further assistance.

3. Can I play Elden Ring offline?

Yes, Elden Ring can be played both online and offline.

4. What is the best way to improve my internet connection for online gaming?

To improve your internet connection for online gaming, ensure you have a fast and stable internet connection, use wired connections instead of wireless connections, and turn off any other devices that may be using your internet bandwidth.

5. Will Elden Ring have cross-platform play?

As of now, there is no official announcement regarding cross-platform play in Elden Ring.

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