Why You’re Struggling to Join Your Friend in Elden Ring: Tips and Tricks for Multiplayer Success!

Why You’re Struggling to Join Your Friend in Elden Ring: Tips and Tricks for Multiplayer Success!

Are you struggling to join your friend in Elden Ring? Do you feel like you’re missing out on the multiplayer component of the game? Fret not, as we’ll be discussing some tips and tricks for multiplayer success in Elden Ring!

1. Check Your Connection

Before anything else, check your internet connection. Ensure that you have stable internet connectivity and that it meets the minimum requirements for Elden Ring multiplayer. A poor or unstable connection might prevent you from joining multiplayer sessions or cause disconnections during online gameplay.

2. Ensure Compatibility

Ensure that you and your friend have compatible gaming consoles and versions of Elden Ring. If you have different versions or consoles, you might not be able to play together. Check the hardware and software compatibility requirements to avoid compatibility issues.

3. Communicate Clearly

Communication is crucial in multiplayer games, and Elden Ring is no exception. Ensure that you have a clear and reliable voice chat or messaging system to communicate with your friends. Coordination is essential in multiplayer, and you won’t be able to achieve it without clear communication.

4. Practice Teamwork

Elden Ring is a challenging game, and teamwork is crucial in overcoming its obstacles. Coordinate with your friends on how to approach challenges and coordinate attacks. Remember that a single player’s mistake could harm the entire team, so always prioritize teamwork in your multiplayer sessions.

5. Improve Your Skills

Improving your skills in Elden Ring is critical to success in multiplayer. Practice solo first to enhance your skills in combat, dodging, and blocking. You can also experiment with different weapons, builds, and magic to find the playstyle that suits you best. Improved skills can make a significant difference in your multiplayer sessions.

6. Join Online Communities

Joining online communities such as Discord servers or subreddits dedicated to Elden Ring can be beneficial for your multiplayer experience. You can find new friends to play with, get tips and advice on how to overcome challenges, and share your thoughts on the game.

7. Be Patient

Finally, be patient. Multiplayer sessions in Elden Ring can sometimes take longer to start or have connection issues. Keep trying and remember to communicate clearly and work as a team. With patience and teamwork, you can overcome any obstacles that come your way.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, multiplayer in Elden Ring can be challenging, but with the right mindset and techniques, you can achieve success. Remember to check your connection, ensure compatibility, communicate clearly, practice teamwork, improve your skills, join online communities, and be patient. With these tips and tricks, you’ll be on the right track to join your friend and conquer Elden Ring multiplayer!


1. What if I’m still having issues connecting to multiplayer sessions after trying the tips and tricks above?

You can try resetting your router, clearing your console or PC cache, or ensuring that any firewall or antivirus settings are not blocking your access to multiplayer.

2. How do I know my internet connection is stable enough to play Elden Ring multiplayer?

You can run an internet speed test to check your connection’s download and upload speeds, latency, and jitter. A stable internet connection should have low latency and jitter and high speeds.

3. Can I play Elden Ring multiplayer cross-platform?

No, Elden Ring multiplayer is not cross-platform between different gaming consoles or PC and gaming consoles.

4. Can I join multiplayer sessions with players from different regions or countries?

Yes, you can join multiplayer sessions with players from different regions or countries. However, keep in mind that distance can affect your latency and connection quality.

5. Is it possible to play Elden Ring multiplayer solo?

No, Elden Ring multiplayer requires at least one friend or team member to join a session.

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