Why Your Pokemons Aren’t Obeying – 5 Reasons You Need to Know!

Why Your Pokemons Aren’t Obeying: 5 Reasons You Need to Know!

If you are a Pokemons trainer, then you know how crucial it is to have total control over your Pokemons when battling against other trainers. Winning or losing depends upon how well-trained your Pokemons are, which is why it is frustrating when they do not obey your commands during a battle. Sometimes, your Pokemons may ignore your commands entirely, while other times, they may perform a different move altogether. So, what could be the reasons behind your Pokemons disobedience? Here are five reasons why your Pokemons aren’t obeying and what you can do about it.

1. Lack of Gym Badges

One of the most probable reasons why your Pokemons are not following your commands is due to the lack of gym badges. In the Pokemons world, gym badges represent a trainer’s skill level, and you need to collect eight gym badges to participate in the league championships. While it is not necessary to have eight gym badges to command your Pokemons, having them provides a boost in a Pokemon’s obedience level. So, if you notice that your Pokemons are not obeying well, try to collect additional badges.

2. Complex moves

Different Pokemons have different moves, which can be complex to execute. Some Pokemon moves require precise timing and skill, and if a trainer lacks the ability to execute such moves, their Pokemons may not obey their commands. To counter this, you can either train your Pokemons to execute the moves or stick to simpler but effective ones.

3. Lack of Friendship

Building a strong relationship with your Pokemon is a critical aspect of training. If you do not treat your Pokemon well or show enough love and care, they may not bond with you, leading to disobedience. So, it is essential to treat your Pokemons with kindness, affection, and respect. Take care of their needs and have fun with them, and before you know it, your Pokemons start responding to your commands better.

4. High-level Pokemon

Pokemon obedience is directly related to their level, which means that if your Pokemon is too high of a level, they may not obey every command you give them. To avoid this, limit the level of your Pokemon to the ones below the gym leaders’ Pokemon’s levels. This will improve your Pokemons’ obedience and provide you with optimal battle strategies.

5. Conflicting Nature

Every Pokemon has a different personality, and sometimes these personalities can conflict with yours. You may give a command that may not align with the Pokemon’s personality, leading to disobedience. So, it is essential to understand your Pokemons’ nature and train them accordingly. Knowing how to handle different personalities can also help build a stronger bond between you and your Pokemon.


Disobedient Pokemons are undoubtedly frustrating, but understanding the reasons behind it can help improve your relationship and the quality of your battles. Remember to train your Pokemons well, collect gym badges, and build a bond with your Pokemons. Also, consider using simpler moves and ensuring your Pokemon levels do not exceed the gym leaders’ ones. Keeping these tips in mind will lead to a better and more obedient team of Pokemons.


1. My Pokemon is not obeying even though it’s below the gym leader’s highest level. What’s wrong?
A: Sometimes, certain moves require a specific gym badge that you may not possess. So, make sure you’re aware of the badge and if it’s required for your desired move.

2. How long does it take to build a good relationship with my Pokemon?
A: Building a good relationship with your Pokemon is an ongoing process and takes time. Spend time with your pokemon every day, take care of their needs, and show them love and respect.

3. Can I collect gym badges from any gym leader in any order?
A: Yes, you can collect gym badges from any gym leader, but it is recommended to collect them in a particular order as some gyms are easier than others.

4. Do Pokemon characters have unique personalities like humans?
A: Yes, every Pokemon character has a unique personality, which can be seen in their nature and behavior.

5. How can I convince my Pokemon to obey my commands?
A: You can establish a good relationship with your Pokemon by taking care of their needs, loving and respecting them, and training them accordingly. This will increase the bond between you, leading to better obedience.

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