Why Your Pokemon Won’t Obey You and How to Fix it Fast!

Title: Why Your Pokémon Won’t Obey You and How to Fix it Fast!


When it comes to Pokémon battles, having a strong bond with your Pokémon is crucial. After all, your success in battles depends on their obedience and how well they respond to your commands. But what happens when your Pokémon refuses to obey you? You may find yourself frustrated and at a loss for how to proceed. In this article, we will explore the reasons why your Pokémon may not be obeying you and offer some helpful solutions to fix this problem.

Reasons Why Your Pokémon Won’t Obey You:

1. Low Friendship Level:

The friendship level between a trainer and their Pokémon is an essential factor that determines how well they listen and follow your commands. If your Pokémon’s friendship level is low, they may not listen to your orders. You can increase your Pokémon’s friendship by bonding with it, feeding it, and taking it to the saffron city spa.

2. High Level Disobedience:

A few types of Pokémon have a high disobedience level. For example, starter Pokémon tend to disobey their trainers unless they have enough badges. Additionally, legendary and mythical Pokémon also have a high level of disobedience. In these cases, you need to work on building your trainer status and earning more badges before your Pokémon will fully obey you.

3. Using Wrong items:

Using the wrong items on your Pokémon or not using them properly can also result in disobedience. For example, if you use the wrong stone for evolution, your Pokémon may not obey you. To avoid this, research proper evolution and thoroughly read the instructions on items before applying them.

4. Overusing or Underusing Signatures Moves:

Using a signature move too often or too early in a battle can irritate some Pokémon, causing them to disobey you. On the other hand, underwhelming your Pokémon with weak moves can also lead to disobedience. So, it’s best to balance your moves and use them strategically.

5. Neglecting Your Pokémon’s Needs:

Like humans, Pokémon also have needs such as food, rest, and playtime. Failing to provide them with their basic needs can lead to disobedience. So, make sure your Pokémon is well-fed, rested, and given enough playtime to avoid disobedience issues.

Ways to Fix Your Disobedient Pokémon:

1. Build your Pokémon’s Friendship Level Up:

The first way to improve disobedience is by working on your Pokémon’s friendship level. Spend time with them, feed them, and use the spa at Saffron City to increase their happiness level.

2. Earn More Badges:

Earning more badges increases the likelihood of some Pokémon obeying you. So, continue to battle, train, and take on Gym Leaders.

3. Find the Right Item for Your Pokémon:

Research and find the appropriate item for your Pokémon. Make sure you apply items with the right instructions, and your Pokémon will obey you.

4. Balance Your Moves:

Balance your moves to avoid irritation and boredom in your Pokémon. Use signature moves sparingly and switch from strong to weak moves and vice versa to keep your Pokémon interested and stimulated.

5. Take Care of Your Pokémon:

Ensure your Pokémon’s needs are met, including food, rest, and playtime. Keep your Pokémon happy, and they will obey you without fail.


In this article, we’ve outlined some of the reasons why your Pokémon might not obey you and provided some solutions to fix it fast. Remember, keep your Pokémon happy and healthy, earn more badges, and use the appropriate items to battle and evolve. By applying these tips, you can build a stronger bond with your Pokémon, which will ultimately lead to more successful battles.


1. Can I evolve my Pokémon in battle?

No, it is not recommended to evolve your Pokémon in the middle of a battle as it can cause disobedience issues.

2. Will catching a high-level Pokémon help me in battles?

Yes, catching a high-level Pokémon will make it easier for you to battle and progress in the game.

3. Why do some Pokémon disobey their trainers?

Some Pokémon have high disobedience rates, and starter Pokémon only obey trainers with enough badges.

4. Can my Pokémon’s evolutionary stage affect disobedience?

Yes, some Pokémon with a higher evolutionary stage tend to disobey more than those with lower stages.

5. Does spending time with my Pokémon increase their happiness level?

Yes, spending time, feeding, and taking care of your Pokémon will increase their happiness level and their obedience.

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