Why Your Pokemon Won’t Obey You and How to Fix It: Expert Tips and Tricks

Why Your Pokemon Won’t Obey You and How to Fix It: Expert Tips and Tricks


Have you ever encountered a situation where you command your Pokemon to use a certain move, but it refuses to obey? This disobedience can be frustrating, especially when you’re in a tough battle. You might be wondering why your Pokemon won’t listen to you, even though you’ve been training it for a long time. In this article, we will discuss the reasons why your Pokemon won’t obey you and provide expert tips and tricks to fix it.

Reasons Why Your Pokemon Won’t Obey You:

1. Inadequate Badge Level: If you’re trying to control a Pokemon whose level is higher than the Badge level you’ve obtained, it may disobey you. This rule applies to all regions and serves as a way to balance gameplay. A Pokemon that is too powerful for your character will not obey your orders until you collect more badges.

2. Affection Level: The affection level of a Pokemon towards its trainer is also an important factor. If the affection level is low, the Pokemon may disobey you. You can increase the affection level by spending time with your Pokemon, feeding it, and giving it treats.

3. Confusion: Confused Pokemon may disobey your orders. When a Pokemon is confused, you need to wait until it recovers before giving it any commands.

4. Status Effects: Similar to confusion, certain status effects like sleep, paralysis, and freeze can cause a Pokemon to disobey orders. Make sure you heal your Pokemon before giving any commands.

5. Moves Like Foul Play: Certain moves in the game, like Foul Play, are designed to cause the disobedience of enemy Pokemon. If your Pokemon is hit by this move, it may disobey your orders in the following turns.

6. Trading: If you traded a Pokemon that is higher level than your current badge level, it may disobey you until you earn more badges.

Expert Tips and Tricks to Fix Disobedient Pokémon:

1. Increase affection: As mentioned earlier, increasing the affection level of your Pokemon is an effective way to increase obedience. Spend time with your Pokemon and feed it with favorite berries.

2. Use Items: Some items, like the Soothe Bell, can increase affection levels. You can also use items like Miracle Seed or Lucky Egg to increase your Pokemon’s stats, which can make it more likely to obey you.

3. Train Properly: Train your Pokemon the right way by using a balanced team, choosing the right moves, and keeping its stats in check. A well-trained Pokemon is more likely to obey orders.

4. Use the right Pokéballs: Catching your Pokemon in a Pokéball increases its loyalty towards the trainer, making it more likely to obey your commands.

5. Know your Pokemon: Different Pokemon have different personalities and traits. Knowing how to handle your Pokemon can make it easier to control it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the best way to increase my Pokemon’s affection level?
The best way is to spend time with your Pokemon, feed it with favorite berries, and use items like the Soothe Bell.

2. Will my Pokemon ever disobey me again after it starts obeying commands?
Yes, there is always a chance that a Pokemon may disobey your orders, even if it has been obeying them previously.

3. Can I raise the badge level required for a specific Pokemon to obey?
No, the badge level required for Pokemon obedience depends on the region and cannot be changed.

4. Is there any way to revive a fainted Pokemon during a battle?
Yes, you can revive a fainted Pokemon by using items like Revive or Max Revive.

5. Can disobedient Pokemon evolve?
Yes, disobedient Pokemon can evolve, but their disobedience may continue even after evolution.


In conclusion, disobedience in Pokemon can be frustrating, but different factors can cause it. By understanding why your Pokemon may be disobeying and following expert tips and tricks, you can fix the issue and enjoy playing the game. Remember to spend time with your Pokemon, train it properly, and use the right items and Pokéballs to increase obedience. With these tips, you should be able to control your disobedient Pokemon and win battles more easily.

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