Why Your Pokemon Won’t Obey: Understanding the Battle Mechanics of Pokemon Games

Pokemon games are enjoyed by millions of people worldwide, but there is one common frustration that players often encounter: their Pokemon won’t obey. This can happen even if the player has trained their Pokemon diligently and has a solid understanding of the game’s mechanics. Why is this happening, and what can be done about it? In this article, we will delve into the battle mechanics of Pokemon games and explore the reasons behind disobedient Pokemon.

Understanding the Mechanics

To understand why your Pokemon won’t obey, it is essential to first have a solid understanding of the game’s mechanics. In any Pokemon game, the player battles against other trainers, with each side having a team of Pokemon. Battles are turn-based and follow a set of rules that govern what moves can be used, when Pokemon can be switched out, and how damage is calculated.

One of the key mechanics that come into play when dealing with disobedient Pokemon is the Friendship mechanic. Every Pokemon has a Friendship stat, which affects how obedient it is. As this stat increases, the Pokemon will become more loyal and will be more likely to follow commands in battle. Conversely, if the Friendship stat is low, the Pokemon may disobey the player during battle.

There are several ways to increase a Pokemon’s Friendship stat. The most common is simply to spend time with the Pokemon, which will gradually raise its Friendship. Giving it vitamins or using certain items like the Soothe Bell can also boost a Pokemon’s Friendship. Conversely, if a Pokemon is traded between trainers, its Friendship stat may reset, potentially causing it to become disobedient.

Another mechanic that affects disobedience is the player’s gym badge count. In every Pokemon game, the player must defeat various gym leaders to earn badges. These badges have a direct impact on how obedient a player’s Pokemon will be. Each gym badge the player earns will increase their Pokemon’s level cap, but it will also increase the likelihood of disobedience. This is meant to balance the game by making it more challenging to use high-level Pokemon early on.

Why Pokemon Won’t Obey

Even with an understanding of the mechanics at play, it can still be frustrating when a Pokemon refuses to obey. Here are some of the most common reasons why Pokemon may disobey in battle:

1. The Pokemon’s level is too high: As mentioned, the number of gym badges a player has will impact how obedient their Pokemon is. If the player tries to use a Pokemon that is above their level cap, the Pokemon may disobey during battle.

2. The Pokemon’s Friendship is low: If the player neglects their Pokemon or trades it between trainers, the Friendship stat may decrease, leading to disobedience.

3. The player is commanding the Pokemon to use a move it doesn’t like: Every Pokemon has a list of moves that it likes and dislikes. If the player is commanding the Pokemon to use a move it dislikes, it may disobey.

4. The player is commanding the Pokemon to do something it doesn’t want to do: Even if a Pokemon likes the move the player is commanding it to use, it may still disobey if it doesn’t want to perform that action.

5. The player is in a special battle: Some battles, such as those against rival trainers or legendary Pokemon, have special mechanics that can cause Pokemon to disobey more often.


Disobedient Pokemon can be frustrating, but it is important to remember that it is a natural part of the game’s mechanics. By understanding how the Friendship stat and gym badges affect obedience, as well as paying attention to move preferences and battle mechanics, players can increase their chances of having an obedient team. So, next time your Pokemon won’t obey, don’t get discouraged – just take a breath, assess the situation, and keep battling!


1. Can Pokemon become more obedient over time?
Yes, spending time with a Pokemon can gradually raise its Friendship stat and make it more obedient.

2. How do I increase a Pokemon’s Friendship stat?
Spending time with the Pokemon or using items like the Soothe Bell can raise its Friendship stat.

3. What do gym badges do?
Gym badges increase a player’s Pokemon’s level cap but also increase the chance of disobedience.

4. Can I reset a Pokemon’s Friendship stat?
Trading a Pokemon between trainers can reset its Friendship stat, potentially leading to disobedience.

5. What should I do if my Pokemon won’t obey?
Assess the situation and try to determine why the Pokemon is disobeying. Then, take steps to increase its obedience, such as spending more time with it or using items that boost Friendship.

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