Why your Pokemon won’t obey – Tips to increase your trainer authority

Bold Title: Why Your Pokemon Won’t Obey – Tips to Increase Your Trainer Authority

Pokemon games have always been a favorite among gamers worldwide since the first game released in 1996. In every game, we get to play the role of a Pokemon trainer, catching and training Pokemon to battle against other trainers. While the game might seem quite simple, there is one problematic aspect that players often come across – disobedient Pokemon.

Have you ever experienced your Pokemon not following your commands during a battle or refusing to listen to your instructions? This frustrating event can happen even if you have trained your Pokemon to the maximum level, have good moves, and stats. In this article, we will explore the reasons why your Pokemon won’t obey and provide tips to increase your trainer authority.

Why Won’t Your Pokemon Obey?

One of the reasons your Pokemon won’t obey you is that your trainer authority is low. Trainer authority is a mechanism in the Pokemon games that ensures you have control over your Pokemon, and they listen to your instructions. When you start the game, you have low trainer authority, which increases as you progress through the game by winning battles, gaining experience, and becoming stronger.

However, if you are not a successful trainer and lose battles, this can affect your trainer authority, making it harder for your Pokemon to obey you. Additionally, the more disobedient your Pokemon is, the lower your trainer authority drops.

Another reason your Pokemon won’t obey might be due to their level. Most Pokemon won’t listen to you if their level is too high compared to your trainer’s badge. For instance, if your trainer has a third badge, your Pokemon won’t listen to you if its level is higher than 30. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep your Pokemon’s level within the badge limit to prevent disobedience.

Tips to Increase Your Trainer Authority

Now that we know the reasons why your Pokemon might not obey you, let’s discuss some tips that can help increase your trainer authority.

1. Win More Battles

Winning battles is the easiest way to increase your trainer authority; the more battles you win, the higher your trainer authority becomes. Ensure you train your Pokemon well and use the right moves to win battles.

2. Use Gym Badges

Gym badges are another way of increasing trainer authority. Collecting gym badges is part of the game, and each badge increases your trainer authority. Therefore, ensure you collect as much gym badges as possible and try to level up your Pokemon before challenging gym leaders.

3. Use Badges Effectively

When you get a gym badge, it’s essential to put it to good use to increase your trainer authority. Ensure the level of your Pokemon is within the badge limit so that your Pokemon will listen to you during battles.

4. Show Your Pokemon Love

Pokemon that love their trainers and respect them will obey more frequently. It’s essential to care for your Pokemon, feed them regularly, and let them rest when necessary.

5. Don’t Abuse Your Pokemon

Abusing your Pokemon by overworking them or not giving them enough rest will make them disobedient. Ensure your Pokemon are well-fed, rested, and comfortable.


Disobedience of Pokemon can make the game frustrating and difficult to play. However, using the above tips and understanding trainer authority can make a significant difference in how obedient your Pokemon are during battles. Remember to use badges effectively, invest time in training your Pokemon, and care for them properly.


1. Can Legendary Pokemon disobey?

Yes, Legendary Pokemon can disobey if their level is too high compared to your trainer’s badge.

2. Can Pokemon disobey if they have high enough loyalty?

Yes, Pokemon can disobey even if they have high loyalty if their level is too high compared to your trainer’s badge.

3. Will disobedient Pokemon improve if I keep battling with them?

No, disobedient Pokemon won’t improve if you keep battling with them. Instead, it’s best to stick to the tips we have provided to increase your trainer authority.

4. How can I tell if my Pokemon won’t obey me?

If your Pokemon won’t obey you, they will ignore your commands during battles, and sometimes they might even attack themselves.

5. Can I trade disobedient Pokemon to increase obedience?

No, trading disobedient Pokemon won’t help increase their obedience. Instead, it’s best to follow the tips outlined in the article.

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