Why Your Pokemon Won’t Obey: Real Reasons and Practical Solutions

Pokemon has been a popular franchise since its inception in 1996. People of all ages have enjoyed catching and battling these virtual creatures. However, not all trainers experience smooth sailing when it comes to controlling their Pokemon. Some trainers may find that their Pokemon won’t obey them. In this article, we will discuss the real reasons behind this issue and provide practical solutions for you to improve your relationship with your Pokemon.

Reason 1: Insufficient Gym Badges

Gym badges serve as proof of a trainer’s skill and authority. Without them, a Pokemon may not obey its trainer. In the games and anime series, a Pokemon’s obedience level is determined by the number of gym badges their trainer possesses. To increase your chance of commanding your Pokemon, make sure you have earned enough gym badges.

Solution: Earn Enough Gym Badges

To earn enough gym badges, you need to challenge various gym leaders and defeat them in battle. Once you have enough badges, your Pokemon’s obedience level should increase. You can check your Pokemon’s obedience level in the game, and if it’s still low, you may need to earn more badges.

Reason 2: Disobedience Due To High Level

In the Pokemon world, different species have their levels of intelligence, loyalty, and obedience. As a Pokemon gains experience, it will become more powerful, but it may also become less obedient. Suppose you catch a wild Pokemon that is significantly stronger than your other Pokemon. In that case, it may not obey your commands, causing frustration.

Solution: Train Your Pokemon

To increase your Pokemon’s obedience level, you need to train it. Training sessions have many benefits, such as strengthening the bond between the trainer and the Pokemon. As you train your Pokemon, it gains important battle experience, and you learn how it reacts in different situations. This training can help you build a stronger connection with your Pokemon and ultimately earn its respect and obedience.

Reason 3: Lack Of Experience

Pokemon requires a deep understanding of the game mechanics to be successful. Some trainers may not have enough experience, leading to difficulties in commanding their Pokemon. You may not understand the moves, strengths, and weakness of your Pokemon fully, which can cause them to disobey you.

Solution: Gain Experience In The Game

To become a successful trainer, you need to gain knowledge and experience. You can achieve this by exploring different areas, talking to other trainers and Pokemon experts, and participating in Pokemon contests. As you gain knowledge, you will begin to understand your Pokemon better, and they will be more likely to obey you.

Reason 4: Not Using Proper Items On Your Pokemon

The items you use on your Pokemon play a vital role in their obedience level. If you are not using the proper items, your Pokemon may not behave the way you want them to. For example, a Pokemon’s moves can be permanently altered by certain items. A Pokemon that evolved with stones may not obey its trainer if a different kind of stone is used on it.

Solution: Use Proper Items

Using the right items on your Pokemon can help with their obedience level. You need to use items that will benefit your Pokemon’s specific needs. For example, if a Pokemon has low accuracy, you should give it an item that increases its accuracy. Similarly, if it has low defense, you should give it an item that increases its defense level. By using the proper items, you will be able to achieve better cooperation between you and your Pokemon.


As a Pokemon trainer, you want to have a strong connection with your Pokemon. By understanding why your Pokemon may not obey you, you can fix the issue and improve your relationship with your Pokemon. Remember to earn enough gym badges, train your Pokemon, gain experience in the game, and use the proper items. With these solutions, you will be well-equipped to lead an obedient and happy team of Pokemon into battle.


Q1. Why won’t my Pokemon obey me even though I have enough gym badges?
A1. There may be other reasons causing your Pokemon to disobey, such as high level, low experience, or not using proper items.

Q2. How can I train my Pokemon to become more obedient?
A2. You can train your Pokemon by participating in battles, practicing different moves, and strengthening your bond with your Pokemon.

Q3. Can using the wrong items alter my Pokemon’s behavior?
A3. Yes, using the wrong items on your Pokemon can permanently alter its moves and affect its obedience level.

Q4. How do I know if my Pokemon is disobedient?
A4. In the games, you can check your Pokemon’s obedience level in the summary page.

Q5. How long does it take to increase a Pokemon’s obedience level?
A5. It depends on various factors such as the Pokemon’s level, experience, and your training efforts. With consistent training and patient, your Pokemon’s obedience level will improve over time.

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