Why Your Pokemon Won’t Obey: Common Issues & Solutions

As a trainer, it can be frustrating to encounter disobedience from your Pokemon. You might find yourself wondering why your Pokemon won’t obey you, despite all your efforts to train and bond with them. Whether you’re a seasoned trainer or a newcomer to the world of Pokemon, it’s important to understand the common issues that can lead to disobedience – and how to address them.

One of the most common causes of disobedience is a lack of respect. Just like humans, Pokemon have personalities and can be stubborn or uncooperative. If your Pokemon doesn’t respect you as a trainer, they may simply ignore your commands or refuse to follow them. This can happen if you haven’t built a strong bond with your Pokemon, if you haven’t trained them extensively, or if you’ve been too harsh or inconsistent in your training methods.

Another common issue is a lack of motivation. Pokemon need to feel motivated and engaged in order to perform at their best. If your Pokemon is bored or disinterested, they may not obey your commands, even if they understand them perfectly well. To keep your Pokemon motivated, try mixing up your training routines, adding in some new challenges or rewards, or simply spending some quality time bonding with your Pokemon outside of battle.

In some cases, disobedience can be a sign of a deeper problem, such as sickness or injury. If your Pokemon is behaving unusually or refusing to follow your commands, it’s important to check for signs of physical discomfort or illness. Make sure your Pokemon is getting enough rest, hydration, and nutrition, and seek veterinary care if you suspect an underlying health issue.

Finally, it’s possible that your Pokemon simply needs more experience or training. If you’re encountering disobedience in battle, it may be because your Pokemon is inexperienced or hasn’t yet mastered a certain move or technique. With patient and consistent training, you can help your Pokemon improve their skills and abilities, and in turn increase their obedience and loyalty.

Overall, there are many reasons why your Pokemon might not obey you, but with careful attention and effort, most issues can be resolved. By building a strong bond with your Pokemon, keeping them motivated, and addressing any underlying health or training issues, you can become the kind of trainer that your Pokemon looks up to and respects.


1. How can I tell if my Pokemon is bored or disinterested during training? Look for signs such as lack of attention, yawning, or lack of enthusiasm in performing tasks.

2. What should I do if my Pokemon won’t obey no matter what I do? It might be necessary to seek help from a professional trainer or take a break from training to reassess your approach.

3. Can harsh training tactics lead to disobedience in Pokemon? Yes, harsh or inconsistent training can lead to disobedience, as it can damage the trust and respect between trainer and Pokemon.

4. How often should I train my Pokemon? The frequency of training will depend on the needs and abilities of each individual Pokemon, but regular, consistent training is generally recommended.

5. Can obedience training be fun for my Pokemon? Yes! By using positive reinforcement, mixing up training routines, and incorporating play into training sessions, you can make obedience training a fun and engaging experience for your Pokemon.

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