Why Your Pokemon Won’t Obey: Common Causes and Solutions

Why Your Pokemon Won’t Obey: Common Causes and Solutions

As a trainer, nothing can be more frustrating than having your Pokemon constantly disobey your commands. It can make battles difficult, hinder your progress, and ultimately affect the bond between you and your Pokemon. In this article, we will explore the common reasons why your Pokemon may be disobedient and what you can do to fix it.

Reasons Why Your Pokemon Won’t Obey

1. Insufficient Badges

The Pokemon world works on a badge system. Most gyms will give you a badge if you defeat their leader. The more badges you have, the higher your Pokemon’s level of obedience. If your Pokemon isn’t obeying your commands, it’s likely that you don’t have enough badges to have the necessary level of control over your Pokemon.

2. Level Discrepancy

Another reason why your Pokemon may be disobedient is due to a level discrepancy. If your Pokemon is a lower level than the Pokemon you are facing, it may ignore your commands because it doesn’t view you as a strong leader. This can also happen if you quickly level up a Pokemon using rare candies, as opposed to training it through battles.

3. Not Enough Friendship

Friendship is an important aspect of the Pokemon world. If your Pokemon doesn’t like you enough, it may disobey your commands during battle. To build friendship, try giving your Pokemon a massage or feeding it berries. You can also have your Pokemon hold an item like the Soothe Bell to increase its friendship level.

4. Conflicting Personalities

Every Pokemon has its own personality, which can affect obedience. Some Pokemon are naturally disobedient or dislike following orders. Additionally, a Pokemon’s primary characteristic can determine its level of obedience. For instance, a Pokemon with a sassy nature may be more likely to disobey than a Pokemon with a gentle nature.

5. Status Conditions

Status conditions, such as confusion or paralysis, can also affect a Pokemon’s obedience. Confused Pokemon may attack themselves or do nothing at all, while paralyzed Pokemon may not be able to move at all. In these cases, it’s best to use items or moves that can cure these conditions before attempting to command your Pokemon.

Solutions to Improve Obedience

1. Train Your Pokemon

The best way to improve your Pokemon’s obedience is to train it. Take your Pokemon out into the world and battle other trainers or wild Pokemon. This will help your Pokemon level up, learn new moves, and improve its obedience. Additionally, training will help build a stronger bond between you and your Pokemon.

2. Increase Friendship

As previously mentioned, friendship is an important aspect of obedience. Spend time with your Pokemon, give it massages, feed it berries, and have it hold a Soothe Bell. Doing these things will increase your Pokemon’s friendship with you and subsequently improve its obedience.

3. Use the Move ‘Return’

The move Return is a powerful attack that increases in strength based on your Pokemon’s level of happiness or friendship. When used in battle, it can also boost your Pokemon’s obedience level. Try teaching this move to your Pokemon to see an improvement in obedience.

4. Show Confidence

Showing confidence during battles can increase your Pokemon’s respect for you as a trainer. Be decisive with your commands and show enthusiasm during battles. This will show your Pokemon that you are a strong leader and someone worth following.

5. Get More Badges

Lastly, if your Pokemon is still disobedient, it’s likely that you don’t have enough badges. Try earning more badges by defeating gym leaders in battle. This will increase your level of control over your Pokemon, making it more obedient.


In conclusion, disobedience is a common issue that many trainers face. However, there are several reasons why it can occur, such as insufficient badges, level discrepancy, not enough friendship, conflicting personalities, and status conditions. To remedy this issue, trainers should focus on increasing their Pokemon’s level of obedience through training, increasing their friendship, using the move Return, showing confidence during battles, and obtaining more badges. By following these tips, you’re sure to develop a strong and obedient team of Pokemon.


1. Can I still use disobedient Pokemon in battle?

Yes, you can still use disobedient Pokemon in battle, but it may be more difficult to control them. It’s best to train them until they become more obedient before using them in battle.

2. How can I tell if my Pokemon is disobedient?

If your Pokemon ignores your commands during battle, refuses to follow you outside of battle, or seems uninterested in interacting with you, it may be disobedient.

3. Can giving too many rare candies cause disobedience?

Yes, giving too many rare candies can cause disobedience because it doesn’t allow your Pokemon to learn new moves or gain experience through battles.

4. Can using cheats affect my Pokemon’s obedience?

Yes, using cheats can affect your Pokemon’s obedience level, as it doesn’t allow your Pokemon to train and level up as intended.

5. Can I use rare candies to level up a disobedient Pokemon?

No, it’s not recommended to use rare candies to level up a disobedient Pokemon. It’s important to train and battle with your Pokemon to increase their level of obedience.

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