Why Your Pokemon Won’t Obey and How to Fix It: Tips and Tricks for Pokemon Trainers

Why Your Pokemon Won’t Obey and How to Fix It: Tips and Tricks for Pokemon Trainers

As a Pokemon trainer, there’s nothing more frustrating than having your own Pokemon disobey your every command. It can be a real challenge to get your team in line, but with the right attitude and some simple strategies, you can help your Pokemon become more obedient and follow your lead more consistently.

Why Won’t My Pokemon Obey Me?

First things first, let’s look at the reasons why your Pokemon may not be obeying you. There are several factors that can cause disobedience, including:

1. The level gap between your Pokemon and your opponent’s

2. Your Pokemon’s nature and personality

3. The number of badges you’ve collected

4. The amount of trust and respect your Pokemon has for you

5. Your Pokemon’s current status and condition

Once you’ve identified the underlying reasons for your Pokemon’s disobedience, you can start taking steps to correct the problem.

Tips and Tricks for Training Obedience in Your Pokemon

Here are some useful tips and tricks you can use to train your Pokemon and improve their obedience:

1. Boost Your Pokemon’s Experience Points

The higher the level gap between your Pokemon and your opponent’s, the more likely your Pokemon is to disobey. You can close this gap by increasing your Pokemon’s experience points (XP) through battles and training. The more XP your Pokemon has, the more obedient it will be.

2. Consider Your Pokemon’s Nature and Personality

Each Pokemon has its own unique nature and personality, which can affect its obedience level. Some Pokemon are more loyal and obedient than others, so it’s important to choose Pokemon that complement your training style and have a good natural disposition.

3. Collect More Badges

The number of badges you’ve collected in your journey is directly linked to your Pokemon’s obedience. The more badges you have, the higher the level of obedience your Pokemon will exhibit. So, make sure you’re challenging gym leaders and collecting badges as much as you can.

4. Build Trust and Respect

Trust and respect are vital aspects of any relationship, including the one you have with your Pokemon. You need to build this foundation of trust and respect gradually, through consistent and positive interactions with your Pokemon. Do more than just train your Pokemon in battle, spend time with them outside of battle and really connect with them.

5. Keep Your Pokemon in Good Condition

A Pokemon in distress or one that is sick is unlikely to obey commands. Keep your Pokemon well-rested, well-fed and in good health. If you see any signs of low energy or illness in your Pokemon, take a break from training them and let them rest until they’re feeling better.


Improving the obedience of your Pokemon can be a challenging process, but the rewards are certainly worth it. By following these tips and tricks, you can train your Pokemon, enhance their trust and respect, and ultimately increase their obedience. Remember, always be patient, consistent, and positive in your interactions with your Pokemon.


1. Can any Pokemon be trained to be more obedient?

Yes, any Pokemon can be trained to be more obedient, as long as the trainer remains patient, consistent, and positive in their interactions with their Pokemon.

2. How long does it take to train a disobedient Pokemon?

The length of time it takes to train a disobedient Pokemon varies based on the Pokemon, the level of disobedience, and the trainer’s training methods. However, with patience and consistency, improvement can be seen within a few days or weeks.

3. Can obedience training negatively affect a Pokemon’s personality?

No, obedience training can actually improve a Pokemon’s personality, as regular positive reinforcement strengthens the bond between the trainer and their Pokemon.

4. Will Pokemon always obey their trainer after they have been trained?

While obedience can be improved and strengthened through training, there may still be some situations where your Pokemon may disobey your commands. This is a natural part of the learning process, and the key is to remain patient and consistent in your training.

5. Can supplements or items improve a Pokemon’s obedience?

Yes, certain items and supplements can improve a Pokemon’s obedience, such as the Soothe Bell, which boosts friendship levels, or vitamins like Zinc, which increases a Pokemon’s happiness levels.

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