Why Your Pokemon Won’t Listen: Understanding the Don’t Obey Phenomenon

Title: Why Your Pokemon Won’t Listen: Understanding the Don’t Obey Phenomenon

As a Pokemon trainer, there is nothing more disappointing than seeing your beloved Pokemon disobeying your commands during battles. This phenomenon, known as the “Don’t Obey” or “Out of Control” phenomenon, is frustrating, confusing, and can be detrimental to your battles. In this article, we will dive into the reasons behind this behavior and provide solutions for you to regain control over your Pokemon.

Understanding the Don’t Obey Phenomenon:
The Don’t Obey phenomenon occurs when your Pokemon reaches a disobey threshold, which happens when your badges and your Pokemon’s level don’t match. In other words, even if you have all eight badges, if your Pokemon’s level is too high, it can still disobey you. Moreover, if you capture a traded Pokemon, it has an even higher disobey threshold. This is because the newly acquired Pokemon wasn’t trained by you, and it doesn’t have the same loyalty and respect towards you as your other Pokemon do.

Another reason your Pokemon might disobey you is if its happiness level is low. This can happen if you neglect your Pokemon, don’t spend enough time with it, or treat it badly. To check your Pokemon’s happiness level, you can visit a Pokemon Center and talk to the woman in the upper-right corner. She will judge your Pokemon’s happiness and tell you if you need to improve it. Some ways to increase your Pokemon’s happiness level include giving it vitamins, taking it for a walk, or using it in battle.

To regain control over your disobedient Pokemon, you first need to identify the root cause of their behavior. If their level is too high, try using weaker Pokemon in battles until their level matches your badges. If you have a traded Pokemon, it might take longer for it to respect you and obey your commands. You can speed up this process by giving it an Exp. Share, which increases the experience points it gains even if it doesn’t participate in the battle. Moreover, give it plenty of attention and treats, and avoid neglecting or mistreating it.

If your Pokemon’s happiness level is low, try taking care of it more. Spend time with it, bring it along with you in battles, and give it occasional massages. You can also use items, such as vitamins or berries, to increase its stats and make it happier. However, avoid overfeeding it with unhealthy snacks, as it might become overweight and unhappy.

The Don’t Obey phenomenon can be frustrating and confusing for Pokemon trainers, but it has solutions. By understanding the root causes of this behavior and taking proper care of your Pokemon, you can regain control over them and have successful battles. Remember to check your Pokemon’s level and happiness regularly and avoid neglecting or mistreating them. With patience and dedication, you can turn your disobedient Pokemon into loyal companions.


1. Can a Pokemon disobey if its level is lower than my badges?

No, as long as your Pokemon’s level is lower than your badges, it will obey your commands.

2. Can I make my traded Pokemon obey me faster?

Yes, you can give it an Exp. Share to increase its experience points, spend time with it, and give it items to increase its happiness level.

3. What happens if my Pokemon disobeys me during a battle?

Your Pokemon might either ignore your command or use a different move than the one you asked for. This can be detrimental to your strategy and lose you the battle.

4. Can I decrease my Pokemon’s disobey threshold?

No, you cannot decrease your Pokemon’s disobey threshold. However, you can increase your badges or decrease your Pokemon’s level to make them obey you.

5. Can I use certain moves or items to increase my Pokemon’s happiness level?

Yes, you can use Berries, Vitamins, and even some TMs to increase your Pokemon’s happiness level. However, make sure not to overdo it or use harmful items.

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