Why Your Pokemon Refuses to Obey: Common Reasons and How to Fix It

Title: Why Your Pokemon Refuses to Obey: Common Reasons and How to Fix It

Are you facing trouble with your Pokemon refusing to obey your commands? This is a common problem that every Pokemon trainer encounters at some point. It can be frustrating when your Pokemon ignores your instructions, and you’re unable to win battles as a team. In this article, we will explore some of the common reasons why your Pokemon might not be following your commands and how you can fix it.

1. Disobedience due to low levels
If your Pokemon is a lower level than the opposing Pokemon, it may not obey your commands. This is because it doesn’t have enough experience or training to understand your commands. The solution is to train your Pokemon and level up. As your Pokemon’s level increases, so does its obedience.

2. High friendship levels
If your Pokemon has a high level of friendship with you, it may disobey you during battles. This is because it trusts you entirely and wants to protect you. As a result, it may not follow your commands, especially if they put it in danger. The solution is to reduce your friendship level with your Pokemon by using bitter herbs or vitamins.

3. Unfavorable nature
Every Pokemon has a unique nature that affects its behavior and abilities. Some natures cause Pokemon to be more rebellious and disobedient. If your Pokemon has an unfavorable nature, it may ignore or disobey commands frequently. The solution is to try to catch or breed a Pokemon with a more favorable nature and switch it with your disobedient Pokemon.

4. Learnset Issues
If your Pokemon doesn’t have any moves that can deal with its opponent or have learned moves that are not useful in a particular battle, it may refuse to obey your commands. This is because it doesn’t want to use the moves that won’t be effective against the opposing Pokemon. The solution is to teach your Pokemon new moves or keep it out of battles that are not in its favor.

5. Confusion and Status Effects
Your Pokemon might not obey your commands if it’s confused, paralyzed or sleeping. This can happen during battles when your Pokemon is hit by specific moves or abilities. The solution is to use items such as an awakening, paralyze heal, or full heal to get your Pokemon back to normal.

In conclusion, there are various reasons why your Pokemon might not follow your commands. It can be a result of disobedience due to low levels, high friendship levels, unfavorable nature, insufficient move sets, and confusion or status effects. The good news is that most of these problems have simple solutions. Leveling up your Pokemon, reducing your friendship level, switching your Pokemon with one having a better nature, teaching it new moves, and using curative items to heal status effects will solve most of these issues. Keep in mind that every Pokemon is unique, and it’s important to pay attention to its needs and tailor your training accordingly.

1. How do I know my Pokemon’s nature?
You can check your Pokemon’s nature in the summary section of your Pokemon’s information.
2. How long does it take to reduce a Pokemon’s friendship level?
It usually takes around ten minutes of playtime with no bitter herbs or vitamins for a Pokemon’s friendship level to decrease.
3. Can I teach my Pokemon new moves after it has reached a high level?
Yes, you can teach your Pokemon new moves using TMs, HMs or move tutors.
4. What happens if my Pokemon has a disobedient nature?
You’ll have to give it more attention and patience to encourage good behavior. You can also try to switch it with one having a better nature.
5. Can status effects be used to my advantage during battles?
Yes, they can be used to your advantage in battles if you know-how. For example, you can use paralysis on your opponent’s Pokemon to reduce their speed or put them to sleep.

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