Why Your Pokemon Refuse to Obey: Understanding the Reasons Behind Disobedience

As a Pokemon trainer, nothing can be more disappointing than commanding your Pokemon to perform a move and they refuse to obey. It can leave you feeling frustrated, embarrassed, and confused. But why do Pokemon refuse to obey, and is there anything you can do to fix this issue? In this article, we will delve into the reasons behind disobedience and offer tips for preventing it from happening.

Reason 1: Unmet Requirements

One common reason your Pokemon may refuse to obey is that you have not met their requirements. Certain Pokemon have requirements that must be met before they will listen to you, such as a high level of trust or a certain number of gym badges. If you have not met these requirements, your Pokemon may ignore your command. The best way to avoid this is by checking the requirements for your Pokemon before starting your battle.

Reason 2: Lack of Training

Another reason for disobedience can be a lack of training. As we all know, training is essential for Pokemon’s growth and development. If you haven’t given your Pokemon enough training or exposure to certain moves, they may struggle to obey you. The solution to this problem is to invest time in training your Pokemon consistently. This will not only help your Pokemon obey but also increase their overall performance, making them more effective in battle.

Reason 3: Confused or Tired

One of the common reasons behind disobedience is simply a lack of attention or focus. Your Pokemon may become confused, distracted, or tired while battling, leading to them neglecting your orders. You can prevent this by giving your Pokemon a break, allowing them to rest and recharge between battles. It will not only help them obey but also ensure that they are always in top form.

Reason 4: Dominance Issues

Some Pokemon may be naturally more dominant than others, leading them to refuse orders. This is common in Alpha-type Pokemon, who see themselves as leaders of the pack. As a trainer, you must establish yourself as the alpha of your team by asserting your authority and establishing boundaries. Show your Pokemon that you are the one in charge, and they will respect and obey you.

Reason 5: Lack of Compatibility

Finally, disobedience can arise from a lack of compatibility between you and your Pokemon. Some Pokemon may have a personality that clashes with your own, resulting in them refusing your commands. To avoid this, it is essential to pay attention to your Pokemon’s personality and preferences when selecting a team. It may also be necessary to switch out Pokemon if they are unwilling to obey.

In Conclusion

No matter what the cause may be, disobedience can be a frustrating issue that hinders your ability to progress and succeed as a Pokemon trainer. But by understanding the reasons behind disobedience and taking proactive steps to prevent it from happening, you can build a successful and obedient team of Pokemon.


1) What should I do if my Pokemon refuses to obey?
Ans: Firstly, try to understand the reason behind disobedience, check if you meet the requirements of Pokemon, ensure that Pokemon isn’t tired or confused, if everything is fine, try to establish authority and boundaries, and if nothing work out, consider switching Pokemon.

2) What are some common requirements that must be met before Pokemon will listen to me?
Ans: Requirements may include high levels of trust, friendship, or certain gym badges.

3) Is training essential for Pokemon?
Ans: Absolutely! Training is necessary for a Pokemon’s growth and performance in battles.

4) What should I do if I have a dominant Alpha-type Pokemon that refuses to obey?
Ans: Assert your authority and establish boundaries to show your Pokemon that you are the one in charge.

5) Do different Pokemon have different personalities and preferences?
Ans: Yes, just like humans, different Pokemon have unique personalities and preferences that may not be compatible with yours. So it’s best to select a team that matches your personality and preferences.

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