Why Your Pokemon May Be Disobeying You: Expert Tips for Increasing Obedience in Your Pokemon!

Pokemon is a game that has gained popularity globally. With its increasing popularity, the game has become more than just a game, but a lifestyle for players. However, it can be frustrating when your Pokemon refuses to obey commands, hindering you from achieving your goals. Many factors contribute to disobedience in Pokemon, and understanding them can help you increase their obedience. In this article, we will discuss expert tips to increase obedience in your Pokemon and why disobedience may be occurring.

Factors Contributing to Disobedience in Pokemon

Several factors may cause disobedience in your Pokemon. Some of these include:

1. Low-level Pokemon: Low-level Pokemon are often disobedient, as their experience levels are low.

2. High-level Pokemon: Pokemon that are higher in levels may also disobey, and this often occurs because they are overpowered, and they feel that they are in control.

3. Incompatibility: Incompatibility between the trainer and the Pokemon can cause disobedience. If a Pokemon does not fit well with a trainer, they may not obey.

4. Happiness levels: Pokemon have different happiness levels, and if they are unhappy, they may disobey commands.

5. Nature: Each Pokemon has a unique nature that can influence their obedience. For example, a Jolly natured Pokemon may be more likely to disobey commands.

Expert Tips for Increasing Obedience in Your Pokemon

While disobedience in Pokemon can be frustrating, there are ways to increase obedience levels. Below are expert tips to help improve your Pokemon’s obedience:

1. Use secondary methods of training: Using secondary methods of training such as the Pokeathlon and Pokemon Musicals can improve your Pokemon’s obedience.

2. Increase your Pokemon’s happiness levels: Feeding your Pokemon, giving them massages, and playing mini-games with them can increase their happiness levels, thereby increasing their obedience.

3. Balance out your team: Balancing out your team can help prevent overpowered Pokemon from influencing the others negatively. This will ensure that they all obey.

4. Be consistent with commands: Consistency is key when training Pokemon. Ensure that you use the same commands repeatedly, and provide rewards when they obey.

5. Monitor your Pokemon’s behaviors: Paying attention to your Pokemon’s behaviors can help you understand their feelings and state of mind. If they are unhappy, they may disobey.


Disobedience in Pokemon can be frustrating, particularly when you have goals to achieve. Understanding the factors that cause disobedience and implementing expert tips to increase obedience can help you achieve success in the game. Use secondary methods of training, increase your Pokemon’s happiness levels, balance out your team, be consistent with commands, and monitor your Pokemon’s behaviors. These tips will help increase obedience in your Pokemon, and ensure that they obey your commands.


1. Can obedience in Pokemon affect the outcome of battles?

Yes, disobedience in Pokemon can affect the outcome of battles. If your Pokemon doesn’t obey your commands, it can be challenging to win battles.

2. How often must I train my Pokemon to increase their obedience?

Training your Pokemon regularly is important to increase their obedience. You can train them daily or as often as possible.

3. Can overpowered Pokemon affect the obedience of other Pokemon?

Yes, overpowered Pokemon can affect the obedience of other Pokemon. They may influence them negatively, causing them to disobey.

4. How can I maintain consistency with commands?

Create a list of commands you want to use, and stick to them. Use the commands repeatedly and provide rewards when they obey.

5. Can a Pokemon’s happiness level decrease obedience?

Yes, a Pokemon’s happiness level can decrease obedience. If they are unhappy, they may not obey your commands.

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