Why Your Pokemon Don’t Obey You: Understanding the Issue and Finding Solutions

Why Your Pokemon Don’t Obey You: Understanding the Issue and Finding Solutions

As a Pokemon trainer, there’s nothing worse than having your Pokemon disobey your commands. After all, you’ve put in countless hours leveling them up, ev training them, and building bonds with them. So why won’t they listen to you?

Understanding the Issue

First, let’s understand why your Pokemon may not be obeying you. In the Pokemon games, each Pokemon has a set of stats that determine their abilities in battle. One of these stats, called “Happiness,” can affect how willing a Pokemon is to follow orders.

As you battle with your Pokemon, they gain experience and level up, but their happiness can also be influenced by a variety of factors such as feeding them berries, walking with them, and playing mini-games with them at Pokemon centers. A high level of happiness makes Pokemon more willing to obey their trainer’s commands.

Another factor that can affect a Pokemon’s obedience is their level. If your Pokemon’s level is higher than your trainer level, they are less likely to obey you. This is because your Pokemon sees you as a less experienced trainer and may question your commands.

Finding Solutions

Now that we understand the issue, let’s look at some solutions.

First, try to improve your Pokemon’s happiness. This can be done by feeding them berries, playing games with them, and walking with them. You can also use the Move “Return,” which deals more damage if your Pokemon has high happiness.

Secondly, make sure your Pokemon’s level is not too high compared to your trainer level. If it is, try leveling up your trainer and/or using lower-level Pokemon until your trainer level catches up.

You can also try using items like the Soothe Bell, which boosts your Pokemon’s happiness or the Friendship Ribbon, which increases your Pokemon’s loyalty.

Another solution is to build a stronger bond with your Pokemon. Spend time with them outside of battle, give them nicknames, and try to understand their personality. This will help them trust you and be more likely to obey your commands in battle.


In conclusion, there are several reasons why your Pokemon may not be obeying you, but understanding the issue and finding solutions can help you become a better trainer. Remember to prioritize your Pokemon’s happiness, build a strong bond with them, and avoid having them at a higher level than you. With these tips, you can become a more successful Pokemon trainer and lead your team to victory.


1. Can you force a Pokemon to obey you?

No, you cannot force a Pokemon to obey you. You can only increase their willingness to follow your commands by improving their happiness, loyalty, and building a stronger bond with them.

2. Why does my Pokemon keep disobeying me even if their happiness level is high?

There could be other factors affecting their obedience, such as their level being too high or not having a strong enough bond with them.

3. Can I use items like the Soothe Bell or Friendship Ribbon in battle?

No, these items cannot be used during battle. They must be equipped to your Pokemon outside of battle to have an effect on their happiness and loyalty.

4. How do I know if my Pokemon’s happiness is high enough?

Check your Pokemon’s summary page. There will be a small heart icon beside their name that indicates their happiness level.

5. Can I use my disobedient Pokemon in battle or should I replace them?

You can still use your disobedient Pokemon in battle, but they may not always follow your commands. If you’re in a tough battle, it may be better to switch them out for a more obedient Pokemon.

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