Why Your Pokemon Don’t Obey You and How to Fix It – Top Tips for Trainers!

Title: Why Your Pokemon Don’t Obey You and How to Fix It – Top Tips for Trainers!

If you are a trainer, you may have experienced a situation where your Pokemon refuses to listen to you during battles. This disobedience can be frustrating, and you may be left questioning your training skills. However, there are reasons why your Pokemon is not obeying you, and in this article, we will explore these reasons and offer tips on how to fix them.

Reasons Why Your Pokemon Isn’t Obeying You
1. You Haven’t Earned Enough Badges: In the Pokemon world, badges earned from gym battles are essential to gaining the respect of your Pokemon. Each badge earned increases the level of Pokemon you can command. If you haven’t earned enough badges, your Pokemon may not obey you.
2. Your Pokemon’s Level is Too High: If your Pokemon is too high levelled compared to your trainer level, it may refuse to listen to you during battles. The gap in level between the trainer and Pokemon, known as the obedience mechanic, plays a significant role in obedience.
3. You Are in a Different Region: Each region has different rules, and if you travel to a new region, the rules of that region may be different from the previous one. Pokemon may not obey specific commands in different regions.
4. They Are Holding an Item: As a trainer, you may want your Pokemon to hold an item during a fight. However, this item can sometimes cause disobedience if it’s not suitable for the Pokemon or if they don’t want to let go of it.
5. Their Nature is Stubborn: Like people, Pokemon also have different personalities or natures. Some Pokemon are stubborn and may resist commands.

Top Tips For Trainers To Fix Disobedience
1. Earn More Badges: The easiest and most crucial way to increase obedience is to earn more badges. Badges increase the level of Pokemon you can command and allow you to command your Pokemon better.
2. Train Your Pokemon: Training your Pokemon can increase its level and make it easier to command. Training can also improve your Pokemon’s stats and make them stronger in battle.
3. Use the Friendship Mechanic: The friendship mechanic is a system that measures how close a trainer is to their Pokemon. By increasing the Pokemon’s friendship level, they will be more likely to listen to commands.
4. Use Items That Increase Obedience: There are items in the Pokemon world that can increase obedience. These items include the Soothe Bell, which increases friendship, and the King’s Rock, which increases the chance of causing the opponent to flinch.
5. Use the Call Command: The Call Command is handy in situations where Pokemon are not responding to their trainer’s commands. It can be used to get the attention of the Pokemon and snap them out of obedience.

Disobedience in Pokemon can be frustrating, but trainers should not take it personally. There are many reasons why a Pokemon may not obey, and understanding these reasons is crucial to fixing disobedience. By earning more badges, training Pokemon, using the friendship mechanic, using items that increase obedience, and using the call command, trainers can improve obedience and have a more enjoyable experience with their beloved Pokemon.


1. Can you force a Pokemon to obey you?
No, you cannot force a Pokemon to obey you. Trainers need to earn the respect of their Pokemon and understand why their disobedience is happening to fix it.

2. Do all Pokemon disobey if they are over-levelled?
No, not all Pokemon disobey if they are over-levelled. It depends on the obedience mechanic, which varies from Pokemon to Pokemon.

3. Can a disobedient Pokemon evolve?
Yes, a disobedient Pokemon can evolve. However, evolving doesn’t change obedience problems, and trainers will still need to train and earn badges to command the evolved Pokemon.

4. How long will it take to increase my Pokemon’s friendship level?
The time it takes to increase a Pokemon’s friendship level varies. However, activities that boost friendship include walking with Pokemon, feeding them berries, and winning battles together.

5. Can a Pokemon still disobey, even if it’s at the correct level?
Yes, a Pokemon can still disobey even if it’s at the correct level. Other reasons such as nature, held items, or travelling to a different region may cause disobedience.

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