Why Your Pokemon Don’t Obey You and How to Fix It: Expert Tips

Why Your Pokemon Don’t Obey You and How to Fix It: Expert Tips

Pokemon is a fantastic game that requires teamwork and strategy. However, one of the biggest challenges in the game is the disobedience of your Pokemon. It can be frustrating to have a high-level Pokemon that refuses to obey your commands. This disobedience can occur in battles or while exploring new regions.

Several reasons can cause a Pokemon to disobey its trainer. One such reason is the lack of adequate gym badges. As a trainer in Pokemon, you need gym badges to demonstrate skill and gain the trust of your Pokemon. Gym badges also signify progress in the game. Without the right badges, Pokemon may see you as inexperienced or untrustworthy.

Another reason why your Pokemon may disobey you is by the level of the Pokemon compared to the player’s. Ideally, you should aim to have Pokemon that isn’t overpowered compared to the opponent’s. If your Pokemon has a higher level than your opponents, then it may refuse to obey your commands. Therefore, it’s essential to train your Pokemon intelligently and balance their levels to avoid disobedience.

Moreover, your Pokemon may be disobedient because of their nature. Nature, in the world of Pokemon, refers to the Pokemon’s temperament, which affects their battle style, skills, and stats. Since natures are predetermined, you may not have control over them. However, you can use items such as Qualot Berries to adjust your Pokemon’s nature.

Additionally, your Pokemon may not obey your commands if they are not properly aligned with your style of play. As a trainer, you need to choose a Pokemon that aligns with your playstyle. If you have a conservative style of play, for example, you should choose a Pokemon that complements that style. That way, your Pokemon will be more willing to obey your commands.

How to Fix Pokemon Disobedience

There are several strategies to fix disobedience in Pokemon. One of the most effective methods is to provide your Pokemon with the right items. There are various items in the game that can help improve your Pokemon’s loyalty, such as the Soothe Bell, which increases happiness when held. The friendliness of a Pokemon will determine their obedience level in battle.

Another way to fix Pokemon disobedience is by gaining more experience as a trainer. The more experience and skill you have, the more likely your Pokemon is to obey your commands. You can increase your experience by participating in battles, exploring regions, and interacting with other trainers.

Also, your choice of words is crucial when commanding your Pokemon. Avoid using words that imply authority or domination as they may make your Pokemon rebellious. Instead, use words that communicate trust and connection with your Pokemon, such as “let’s work together” or “let’s do this together.”

Lastly, you can fix disobedience by using the Pokemon Amie feature, which is designed explicitly for fostering bonds with your Pokemon. By playing with your Pokemon, petting them, and giving them treats, you increase their friendliness levels and boost their obedience during battles.


In conclusion, disobedience in Pokemon is a common challenge in the game, but it’s fixable with the right strategies. You can fix disobedience by providing your Pokemon with the right items, improving your experience as a trainer, communicating more effectively with your Pokemon, and using the Pokemon Amie feature. By implementing these tips, you can achieve better obedience levels and progress further in the game.


Q: Can items such as Qualot Berries adjust my Pokemon’s level of disobedience?

A: No, Qualot Berries can adjust the Pokemon’s nature, but it does not adjust their level of disobedience.

Q: Can using Pokeballs affect my Pokemon’s level of disobedience?

A: No, Pokeballs do not affect your Pokemon’s obedience.

Q: How do I know if I have the right gym badges to gain my Pokemon’s trust?

A: Your Pokemon’s level of obedience may not necessarily depend on the right gym badges. However, you should aim to have the appropriate gym badges to show skill and progress in the game.

Q: Can training more improve my Pokemon’s level of obedience?

A: Yes, training more can increase your experience and skill as a trainer, which can positively impact your Pokemon’s level of obedience.

Q: Should I balance my Pokemon’s level compared to my opponents?

A: Yes, balancing your Pokemon’s level with your opponents can prevent disobedience in battles.

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