Why Your Pokemon Don’t Obey: Understanding the Game Mechanics and How to Fix It

Why Your Pokemon Don’t Obey: Understanding the Game Mechanics and How to Fix It

If you’ve ever played a Pokemon game, you know how frustrating it can be when your Pokemon don’t obey your commands. Whether you’re trying to catch a new Pokemon or battling a Gym Leader, disobedience can ruin your entire strategy. But why do your Pokemon sometimes decide not to listen to you? And more importantly, how can you fix it?

In this article, we’ll explore the game mechanics behind your Pokemon’s disobedience and give you some tips and tricks to improve their loyalty.

Understanding the Game Mechanics

To understand why your Pokemon might not obey you, you need to know about three important game mechanics: obedience, badges, and levels.

Every Pokemon has a specific obedience level that determines whether or not it will listen to your commands. In general, your Pokemon will obey you as long as your Trainer Level is higher than their obedience level. For example, if you have a level 50 Pikachu and your Trainer Level is 55, Pikachu will obey you without any issues.

However, there’s an exception to this rule. In every Pokemon game, you need to collect gym badges to progress through the game. Each badge increases your maximum obedience level by 10 levels, so if you have all eight badges, your Pokemon can obey you up to level 80. This means that if you have a Pokemon that’s level 100 and you only have two badges, it still might not obey you.

Finally, your Pokemon’s level also plays a big role in its obedience. If its level is too high for you to control, it might disobey you. For example, if you’re facing a Gym Leader whose highest level Pokemon is level 50, but you have a level 60 Pokemon, it might not obey you during the battle.

How to Fix It

Now that you understand why your Pokemon might not obey you, let’s talk about how to fix it.

Level Up
One of the easiest ways to increase your Pokemon’s obedience is to level it up. As your Pokemon’s level increases, its obedience level will also increase. However, be careful not to level it up too quickly, as it might become disobedient again if its level exceeds your current obedience level.

Get More Badges
Another way to increase your Pokemon’s obedience is to collect more badges. Each badge increases your maximum obedience level by 10, so collecting all eight badges will allow your Pokemon to obey you up to level 80. Remember, even if your Pokemon’s level is higher than your obedience level, it will still obey you if you have the appropriate number of badges.

Use Items
Certain items can also help increase your Pokemon’s obedience. The Soothe Bell, for example, will increase your Pokemon’s happiness and loyalty over time. The Pomeg Berry can also be used to reduce a Pokemon’s HP and increase its happiness, which can improve its obedience. Make sure to stock up on these items and use them strategically.

Breed a New Pokemon
If all else fails, you can try breeding a new Pokemon with better obedience. Whenever you breed two Pokemon in the daycare, the baby Pokemon will have a higher obedience level than its parents. This means that you can breed a new Pokemon with better obedience and then train it from scratch.


Disobedience can be a frustrating problem to deal with in any Pokemon game, but understanding the game mechanics behind it can help you fix the issue. Whether you need to level up your Pokemon, collect more badges, use items, or breed a new Pokemon, there are plenty of strategies you can use to improve your Pokemon’s loyalty. Remember, the key to success is patience and persistence!


1. What causes Pokemon to disobey in Pokemon games?
Pokemon disobedience is caused by a combination of factors, including your Trainer Level, the number of badges you have, and your Pokemon’s level.

2. What is the maximum level a Pokemon can obey without badges?
Without any badges, your Pokemon can obey you up to level 10.

3. How can I increase my Pokemon’s happiness?
You can increase your Pokemon’s happiness by using items like the Soothe Bell or the Pomeg Berry.

4. Can disobedient Pokemon still attack?
Yes, disobedient Pokemon can still attack, but they might ignore certain commands or refuse to follow orders.

5. Can I fix my disobedient Pokemon without leveling it up?
Yes, you can fix disobedience by collecting more badges or using items to increase your Pokemon’s loyalty. However, leveling up is often the most effective way to improve obedience.

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