Why Your Pokémon Don’t Obey? Top Reasons & Solutions to Make Your Pokémon Listen!

Why Your Pokémon Don’t Obey? Top Reasons & Solutions to Make Your Pokémon Listen!

As a Pokémon trainer, there’s nothing more frustrating than having your Pokémon not obeying you. Whether you’re in the middle of a battle or simply trying to train your Pokémon, disobedience can hinder your progress and leave you feeling defeated. If you’re struggling to make your Pokémon listen, here are the top reasons why this may be happening and some solutions to help you train them effectively.

1. Low Trainer level

One common reason why your Pokémon may not obey you is due to low trainer level. When you catch a Pokémon that is higher than your trainer level, there’s a chance that it may not listen to you. The best solution to this is to continue leveling up your trainer level by capturing and training more Pokémon. As your trainer level increases, the likelihood of your Pokémon obeying you will also increase.

2. Lack of Friendship

Another reason why your Pokémon may not listen is due to a lack of friendship or affection. Pokémon that have a high affection towards their trainer are more likely to obey commands. To increase your Pokémon’s affection, you can feed them their favorite meals, play with them using toys, and take them on walks. The more affectionate your Pokémon is towards you, the more likely it is to listen to your commands.

3. Overusing Items

As a trainer, you may be tempted to use items such as potions or berries during battle to help your Pokémon perform better. However, overusing these items can lead to your Pokémon becoming reliant on them. As a result, when these items are not available, your Pokémon may not listen to your commands. To avoid this, limit the use of items during battles and focus on training your Pokémon to become strong on their own.

4. Disobedient Nature

Each Pokémon has a different nature, which can affect their behavior in battle. Some natures are considered more obedient than others, while others may be more disobedient. To overcome this, you need to understand your Pokémon’s nature and work around it. For instance, you can use treats or other incentives to encourage obedience in disobedient Pokémon, while for obedient Pokémon, simple praises may do the trick.

5. Insufficient Training

Training plays a critical role in the obedience of your Pokémon. Without sufficient training, your Pokémon may not understand your commands or be able to perform them accurately. Make sure to train your Pokémon consistently and in different environments. This will help them become more adaptable and obedient to different scenarios.

In conclusion, Pokémon disobedience is a common issue of Pokémon trainers that can be attributed to low trainer level, lack of friendship, overusing items, disobedient nature, and insufficient training. By understanding these reasons and taking the necessary steps, you can make your Pokémon obey and become successful in battles.


1. Can disobedient Pokémon become obedient?
Yes, with proper training, affection, and understanding of their nature, disobedient Pokémon can become obedient over time.

2. Can items affect obedience?
Yes, overusing items during battles can lead to reliance, which may affect obedience when these items are not available.

3. Is it possible for higher-level Pokémon to disobey their trainer?
Yes, if your trainer level is low, Pokémon that are higher than your level may disobey your commands.

4. How long does it take for Pokémon to become obedient?
The time it takes for a Pokémon to become obedient varies depending on the training, affection, and nature of the particular Pokémon. However, consistency and patience are essential for the training process.

5. Can disobedient Pokémon be released?
While it’s possible to release disobedient Pokémon, it’s not advisable as it can lead to a lower reputation or trust between the trainer and the Pokémon. It’s better to focus on training and understanding the particular Pokémon to achieve obedience.

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