Why Your Pokemon Don’t Obey – Tips to Improve Your Battle Strategy

Title: Why Your Pokemon Don’t Obey – Tips to Improve Your Battle Strategy

Pokemon battles can be intense and exciting, but if your Pokemon are not obeying your commands, it can be frustrating and lead to a frustrating defeat. There can be various reasons why your Pokemon may not be obeying you, but in this article, we will discuss some tips to improve your battle strategy and make your Pokemon more obedient.

Heading 1: Understanding Pokemon’s Loyalty
Pokemon’s loyalty towards the trainer is a significant factor that determines their obedience. The more loyalty your Pokemon has towards you, the more willing they will be to follow your commands. The loyalty of a Pokemon can be increased by winning battles, giving them items, and using them in battles. Make sure to give your Pokemon proper care, treat them well and make them familiar with your style of battling.

Heading 2: Managing your Pokemon’s Level
The level of your Pokemon plays a vital role in obedience. A high-level Pokemon has a higher chance of disobeying its trainer than a lower level Pokemon. Once a Pokemon reaches a certain level, it may not obey its trainer’s commands, especially in crucial moments of the battle. Therefore it is essential to keep your Pokemon’s level in control and avoid overleveling.

Heading 3: Understanding Individual Personality
Every Pokemon has its own unique personality, which can sometimes affect their obedience towards their trainer. Some Pokemon are naturally disobedient, while others are loyal and follow commands easily. You have to consider the individual personality of each of your Pokemon to understand their behavior better.

Heading 4: Building Trust with Your Pokemon
Trust plays an essential role in obedience. Building trust with your Pokemon can be achieved by spending quality time with them, winning battles, and providing them with necessary items such as Poke Balls, berries, vitamins, and etc. As your Pokemon’s trust levels increase, they tend to obey your commands better.

Heading 5: Proper Training and Practice
Training and practice are vital in improving your Pokemon’s battle skills and obedience. Take some time off during your journey to train and practice with your Pokemon, this will improve their stats, and help them learn new moves. It will also help you understand your Pokemon’s behavior better and put them in situations that will help build their obedience.

Heading 6: Proper Use of Held Items
The use of held items can aid in improving your Pokemon’s obedience during battles. Items such as Miracle Seeds, Life Orb, and Choice Specs can be useful, but it’s essential to keep in mind that not all items will benefit your Pokemon. Choose items that improve their stats and abilities while increasing their obedience.

Heading 7: Keep Your Pokemon Fresh During Battles
During battles, the fatigue of your Pokemon can affect their obedience. It’s important to keep your Pokemon fresh during the battles by swapping them out whenever necessary. This will give them time to rest, recover and be ready for when they return to the battlefield.

Heading 8: Choosing the Correct Move Sets
Choosing the right move sets is crucial in improving your Pokemon’s obedience. It’s essential to have a move set that complements your Pokemon’s stats and abilities. This will help your Pokemon perform better during battles and follow commands more efficiently.

Heading 9: Avoid Overusing Powerful Moves
Using powerful moves repeatedly may cause your Pokemon to lose energy quickly and disobey you during battles. It’s essential to use powerful moves wisely and save them for crucial moments.

Heading 10: Conclusion
Improving your Pokemon’s obedience may take time and patience, but it’s worth the effort in the long run. Building trust, proper training, and choosing the right moves and items can lead to more obedient Pokemon. Remember to keep your Pokemon’s level in check, consider their individual personalities, and keep them fresh during battles. By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to a more successful and enjoyable journey.


1) Q: Can I use TMs and HMs to improve my Pokemon’s obedience?
A: Yes, using powerful TMs and HMs can significantly improve your Pokemon’s obedience as it increases their skills and abilities.

2) Q: How does the effect of held items work in improving my Pokemon’s obedience?
A: Held items improve your Pokemon’s stats and abilities, making them stronger and more capable of obeying your commands.

3) Q: Can Pokemon’s loyalty change from time to time?
A: Yes, a Pokemon’s loyalty can change based on the trainer’s behavior towards them, the number of battles won, and items given to them.

4) Q: How can I tell if my Pokemon is fatigued during battles?
A: Your Pokemon may be fatigued when they show signs such as slower movements, lower stats, and refusing to respond to commands.

5) Q: Is it okay to overlevel my Pokemon for more powerful battles?
A: No, overleveling your Pokemon can cause them to disobey you, especially during crucial moments of the battle. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep their level under control.

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