Why Your Pokemon Don’t Obey? Tips and Tricks to Increase Your Pokemon’s Loyalty

Why Your Pokemon Don’t Obey? Tips and Tricks to Increase Your Pokemon’s Loyalty

As a Pokemon trainer, it can be frustrating when your Pokemon doesn’t obey. Whether you’re battling other trainers or trying to progress through the game, it’s important that your Pokemon follows your commands. But what causes a Pokemon to disobey? And what can you do to increase your Pokemon’s loyalty?

Let’s start by understanding why your Pokemon may not obey. The primary factor is your Pokemon’s level compared to yours. If your Pokemon’s level is higher than yours, it may ignore your commands. This is because higher-level Pokemon have a more significant sense of independence and may not view their trainer as the authority figure.

Another reason your Pokemon may disobey is due to inexperience. If you recently caught or acquired a Pokemon, they may not have developed trust in you yet. It’s important to establish a bond with your Pokemon by spending time with them, feeding them, and participating in activities that they enjoy.

Lastly, your Pokemon’s nature can also play a role in disobedience. Each Pokemon has a unique nature that dictates their personality and behavior. If your Pokemon has a nature that is stubborn or independent, they may be more challenging to train and may not always obey your commands.

But fear not, as a trainer, there are several tips and tricks you can implement to increase your Pokemon’s loyalty and obedience.

1. Start with trust-building exercises.

Spend time with your Pokemon outside of battle and training activities. Participate in activities that your Pokemon enjoys, such as playing games or taking walks. As your Pokemon begins to trust you more, they’ll be more likely to obey your commands.

2. Ensure proper training.

Make sure to train your Pokemon regularly and use effective training methods. You can use techniques such as positive reinforcement, repetition, and patience to encourage your Pokemon to obey.

3. Use items wisely.

In the Pokemon games, certain items can help increase your Pokemon’s happiness and loyalty. For example, a Pokemon that holds the Soothe Bell will gain happiness quicker with their trainer. Additionally, some items, such as the TM for “Return,” will be more effective when used on a Pokemon that trusts and likes its trainer.

4. Choose your battles wisely.

It’s important to choose battles that are suitable for your Pokemon’s level and abilities. If you’re trying to train a low-level Pokemon, don’t throw them into battle against a higher-level opponent right away. Instead, gradually work your way up to more challenging battles to help build confidence and trust.

5. Know when to take a break.

If your Pokemon is constantly disobeying, it may be time to take a break and focus on trust-building exercises. Spend time outside of battling or training activities to help strengthen your bond with your Pokemon. It’s important to remember that building loyalty takes time and patience.

In conclusion, disobedience is a common issue among Pokemon trainers, but it’s not an insurmountable one. By understanding the reasons why your Pokemon may not obey, implementing effective training methods, and building a strong bond of trust, you can increase your Pokemon’s loyalty and obedience. With these tips and tricks, you can become a better trainer and enjoy a more fruitful journey through the Pokemon world.


1. Should I always lead with my highest-level Pokemon?
No, leading with your highest-level Pokemon can lead to disobedience from lower-level Pokemon on your team. It’s best to have a balanced team and switch out Pokemon regularly to ensure that they all gain experience.

2. How do I know if my Pokemon likes me?
Your Pokemon’s happiness can be checked at Pokemon Centers. The higher their happiness, the more they like and trust you.

3. Can disobedience be permanent?
No, disobedience is not permanent. By implementing trust-building exercises and effective training methods, you can increase your Pokemon’s loyalty over time.

4. What items should I use to increase my Pokemon’s happiness?
Items such as the Soothe Bell and the TM for “Return” can effectively increase your Pokemon’s happiness and loyalty towards you.

5. Can nature be changed?
No, a Pokemon’s nature is fixed and cannot be changed. It’s important to understand your Pokemon’s nature and work with it to build trust and obedience.

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