Why Your Pokemon Don’t Obey: The Surprising Truth Behind Disobedience in Pokemon Battles

Why Your Pokemon Don’t Obey: The Surprising Truth Behind Disobedience in Pokemon Battles

If you’re a seasoned Pokemon player, you’ve probably encountered a frustrating issue – disobedience. This is when your Pokemon seemingly ignore your commands, even if they’re leveled up enough to obey you. Disobedience in Pokemon battles has been a topic of confusion for years, with players wondering what causes it and how to fix it. In this article, we’ll delve deeper into this phenomenon, uncover the truth behind why your Pokemon don’t obey, and give you tips on how to overcome this issue.

Why Disobedience Happens?

The simple answer is that disobedience is a mechanic in the Pokemon games to make the game experience more challenging. In the Pokemon universe, disobedience happens when you use Pokemon you obtained through trading, or when you use a Pokemon that’s above your Trainer level. That means that even if you have a high-leveled Pokemon, if it’s not leveled up through battles, it may face disobedience. This mechanic creates a sense of realism in the game, as trainers in the Pokemon world have to earn a Pokemon’s respect before it obeys them.

Another reason your Pokemon may disobey you is that they’re not happy with you. Yes, Pokemon in the game can have emotions, and their happiness level directly affects their obedience. Pokemon that are unhappy may ignore their trainer’s commands, so it’s essential to keep an eye on their happiness.

How to Increase Your Pokemon’s Obedience

So, what can you do to increase your Pokemon’s obedience? The simple answer is to level up your Pokemon through battles. This will increase their loyalty to you and make them more likely to obey your commands. Another way to improve your Pokemon’s obedience is to increase their happiness level. You can do this by giving them treats, playing with them, or by taking them out to explore the Pokemon world. Increasing happiness can be a bit time-consuming, but the payoff is worth it in the end.

Pokemon that have been traded between different trainers may disobey their new trainer. To make them obey you, you can raise your trainer level, obtain more gym badges, and gain more experience in battles. It’s also recommended to take your traded Pokemon to the happiness checker in Goldenrod City, who can tell you how happy your traded Pokemon is.


Disobedience is a frustrating aspect of Pokemon battles that can make players feel like they’re not in control. However, with the correct knowledge and techniques, you can turn disobedience into obedience. Remember that battling and increasing your Pokemon’s happiness will make them more likely to obey you. And, if you have a traded Pokemon, work on your trainer level, obtain gym badges, and check its happiness level regularly.


Q. Can you make your Pokemon happy if you’re not currently battling?
A. Yes, there are other ways to increase happiness levels, such as giving Pokemon massages, feeding them items, or by playing with them in Pokemon-Amie.

Q. Will using items, such as a Soothe Bell, help increase your Pokemon’s obedience?
A. No, items like the Soothe Bell will only increase the happiness level of your Pokemon.

Q. Can disobedience lead to other issues, such as abandoning the trainer?
A. No, disobedience is just a game mechanic used to increase the challenge of Pokemon battles. Your Pokemon won’t abandon you or cause any further harm.

Q. Will raising my Trainer level alone increase my Pokemon’s obedience?
A. No, raising your Trainer level alone may not increase your Pokemon’s obedience. You also need to battle and increase your Pokemon’s happiness level to improve obedience.

Q. Should I avoid trading Pokemon altogether to prevent disobedience?
A. No, trading Pokemon is a fun aspect of the Pokemon games, and disobedience adds to the challenge of the game. Instead, focus on leveling up through battles and increasing happiness levels.

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