Why your Pokemon don’t obey & how to fix it

Why Your Pokemon Don’t Obey & How to Fix It

If you’re an avid Pokemon player, you’ve probably experienced a time when your Pokemon didn’t obey your commands in battle. It can be frustrating to have a Pokemon not listen to you, especially if it causes you to lose a match. In this article, we’ll explore why your Pokemon might not be obeying you and provide tips on how to fix it.

Why Your Pokemon Don’t Obey

There are a few reasons why your Pokemon may not be obeying you. The first reason is that your Pokemon’s level is too high compared to your trainer level. In the Pokemon game, each Pokemon has a certain level cap that is determined by your trainer level. If your Pokemon’s level exceeds that cap, it will not obey you.

Another reason why your Pokemon may not be obeying you is that it is holding an item that does not allow it to fully obey you. Examples of such items include the Macho Brace and the Power Anklet. These items increase your Pokemon’s stats, but also reduce its ability to obey you.

Finally, your Pokemon may not be obeying you because it is not loyal enough. Pokemon gain loyalty points through battles, leveling up, and using certain items. If your Pokemon’s loyalty is too low, it will not obey you properly.

How to Fix the Problem

If your Pokemon is not obeying you because it’s too high of a level, the only fix is to level up your trainer. This can be done by battling and winning against other trainers, completing quests or tasks, or by participating in certain events.

If your Pokemon is holding an item that is causing it to not obey you, simply remove the item. This will allow your Pokemon to obey you fully again.

To increase your Pokemon’s loyalty, you can give it treats such as berries and massages. These items can be found throughout the game and can be used to increase your Pokemon’s happiness and loyalty.


In conclusion, there are various reasons why your Pokemon might not obey you in battle. The most common reasons are that your Pokemon’s level is too high compared to your trainer level, it’s holding an item that decreases its ability to obey you, or its loyalty is too low. Fixing the problem can be as simple as removing an item or as complicated as leveling up your trainer. By using the tips outlined in this article, you’ll be able to ensure that your Pokemon always obeys you in battle.


1. Can I use rare candies to level up my trainer?
No, rare candies can only be used to level up your Pokemon.

2. How do I know if my Pokemon’s level exceeds my trainer level cap?
Your Pokemon will disobey you in battle, and a message will appear that says “Your Pokemon is disobeying you.”

3. Can I use a TM to increase my Pokemon’s loyalty?
No, TMs have no effect on your Pokemon’s loyalty.

4. Can I increase my Pokemon’s loyalty by simply battling with it?
Yes, battling is one of the ways to increase your Pokemon’s loyalty.

5. How long will it take for my Pokemon’s loyalty to increase?
The time it takes for your Pokemon’s loyalty to increase can vary based on how often you battle with it and use loyalty-boosting items.

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