Why Your Pokemon Don’t Obey and How to Fix It – Top Tips for Trainers!

Why Your Pokemon Don’t Obey and How to Fix It – Top Tips for Trainers!

Are you a Pokémon Trainer struggling to get your Pokémon to obey your commands? Maybe you’re commanding them but they’re moving too slowly or not following the correct instructions. Whatever the reason, it can be really frustrating. In this article, we will discuss why your Pokémon may not be obeying you, and offer tips on how to get them to be more responsive.

1. Badges Play a Role

To have more control over high-level Pokémon, the player must obtain more badges. The Pokemon series incorporates an obedience rating that increases as you progress through the campaign and acquire more gym badges. So, your Pokémon may not be listening to you because they don’t respect you as their trainer yet. Keep building your skill set and working to develop a deeper relationship with your Pokémon.

2. The Loyalty Factor

Pokémon loyalty is a critical aspect of Pokémon training. If your Pokémon is loyal to you as their trainer, they are more likely to follow your commands. In Pokémon, a Pokémon’s loyalty level is viewed as a separate statistic, shown as a heart meter, and is affected by the number of battles, victories, and interactions with their trainer. Therefore, if your Pokémon is not loyal to you, it may disobey or not obey completely.

3. The Move’s Strength

The strength of the move that you intend your Pokémon to use will impact how well it listens. If you’re telling your Pokémon to use a powerful move that it is not capable of using at the moment or to use a move that deals more damage than it can dish out, your Pokémon may not be able to act as you command. Therefore, be sure to get to know your Pokémon’s moves and their strengths properly so that you’re not asking for anything out of reach.

4. Your Pokémon’s Mood

The mood of your Pokémon’s health can play a critical role when it comes to obeying commands. If your Pokémon is feeling fatigued, injured, or just recovered from a fight, they may not be able to function at their best. Take your Pokémon for a good rest at a Pokémon center, make sure they eat well, and heal up before expecting them to perform exceptionally.

5. The Environment

Another reason for disobedience may be that the Pokémon is not compatible with the terrain. Pokémon get their shortcomings and advantages according to their environments. For example, A water type Pokémon will be at a disadvantage in a battle in a desert location or a fire element Pokémon will have lower power when fighting on a water-based location. So if your command does not match your Pokémon or the situation, it may not obey, and you’ll have to adjust your tactics.


All in all, when your Pokémon is disobedient, it is not just because they’re not trying hard enough or because they’re stubborn. Trainers have to consider several factors that impact the Pokémon’s obedience. They need training, badges sought, space, and so on. Focusing on these aspects will prove to be fruitful in the long run, in building a strong bond with Pokemon, and progressing more effortlessly through the game.


1. How can I increase my Pokémon’s loyalty level?

A: You can improve your Pokémon’s loyalty level by letting them battle more, winning battles, and interacting with them positively.

2. Why does a Gym Leader’s Pokémon obey them at any badge level?

A: Gym Leaders are skilled trainers who have spent other time building a rapport with their Pokémon, and therefore their Pokémon obey them much more willingly than others.

3. What is Burstiness in Pokémon training?

A: Burstiness refers to how Pokémon can surprise you in terms of their performance with moves, and the manner with their energy levels and strategy changes from move to move.

4. What should I do if my Pokémon doesn’t obey my commands?

A: If your Pokémon doesn’t obey you, it’s best to try to understand the reason they’re not obeying. Once you’ve figured out the reason, try to correct it so that you and your Pokémon can have a better relationship.

5. Can Pokémon lose loyalty levels?

A: Yes, if your Pokémon gets knocked out in a battle often or if it’s not treated well, it’s loyalty level may drop.

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