Why Your Pokemon Don’t Obey and How to Fix It: Essential Tips for Trainers

Why Your Pokemon Don’t Obey and How to Fix It: Essential Tips for Trainers

As a Pokemon trainer, you might have faced a frustrating situation where your Pokemon disobeyed your commands. This could have happened during a gym battle or even while training your Pokemon. The reasons why your Pokemon don’t obey you can be multi-factored. Let’s dive into the common reasons and understand how to fix them.

Lack of Badges

Every gym battle that you win earns you a badge. These badges give you authority over the Pokemon, allowing you to control Pokemon of higher levels. If you try to train or command a Pokemon with a higher level than the badge you possess, the Pokemon might disobey you. Therefore, it’s essential to earn all the badges in a region.

Low Happiness Score

Like humans, Pokemon also have emotional states. The happier your Pokemon are, the more they will obey you. You can check your Pokemon’s happiness score at the fan club in town after the Pokemon has enough experience. You can quickly increase your Pokemon’s happiness score by giving it massages, using Vitamins, feeding it berries, or battling with it. In contrast, making your Pokemon faint or letting it get poisoned or paralyzed can decrease its happiness score.

Disobedient Nature

Some Pokemon have a disobedient nature from birth. You cannot change a Pokemon’s nature, so it’s crucial to understand the nature of the Pokemon you have caught. For example, a Pikachu with a “Hasty” nature will have a higher priority to act early during battles but also have a higher chance of disobeying its trainer’s command.

Out of Energy

Like humans, Pokemon also require rest between battles. If you keep commanding your Pokemon to battle without any rest, the Pokemon might start disobeying you. Make sure to give your Pokemon enough time to rest and heal from injuries before commanding it to engage in another battle.

Love and Respect

Respect and love are the building blocks of any relationship, and Pokemon are no different. The Pokemon that you catch and train need to learn to trust and respect you. To build this relationship, you can follow these few essential tips.

– Spend time with your Pokemon, beyond battles. Take walks, play hide and seek, or simply feed it berries.
– Understand your Pokemon’s battle style and adapt to it. This will make your Pokemon feel more comfortable, and it will trust you more during battles.
– Show your Pokemon your care. Give it massages, heal its injuries, and never let it faint in battles. Every time you heal your Pokemon, it will feel your love and care for it.


Pokemon disobedience occurs for many reasons, as we have seen. It could be because you haven’t earned enough badges, your Pokemon’s happiness score is low, or it has a disobedient nature. However, by spending enough time with your Pokemon and understanding its battle style, you can build a relationship of love and trust with your Pokemon. When your Pokemon feels your love and respect towards it, you will be able to command it with ease and have it obey you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I change my Pokemon’s nature?

A1. No, a Pokemon’s nature is its innate personality.

Q2. How can I increase my Pokemon’s happiness score?

A2. You can increase your Pokemon’s happiness score by giving it massages, using Vitamins, feeding it berries, or battling with it.

Q3. What are badges, and how do they help control Pokemon?

A3. Badges are earned by winning gym battles and give you authority over higher-level Pokemon. If you try to command a Pokemon of higher level without enough badges, it might disobey you.

Q4. Is it necessary to heal my Pokemon after it faints in battles?

A4. Yes, healing your Pokemon after fainting shows your respect and care for your Pokemon, and it will feel more comfortable following your commands.

Q5. How long should I rest my Pokemon between battles?

A5. Resting a Pokemon depends on the level of exhaustion and injuries it has suffered. A general rule would be to rest for an hour after every two battles.

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