Why Your Pokemon Don’t Obey: A Trainer’s Guide to Overcoming the Disobedience

As a Pokemon trainer, nothing is more frustrating than having your Pokemon disobey your commands. You spend countless hours training and bonding with your Pokemon, only to have them ignore your orders when it matters most. Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Every trainer has experienced disobedience from their Pokemon at some point. In this article, we’ll explore why your Pokemon don’t obey and provide you with a guide to overcoming their disobedience.

Understanding the Trainer-Pokemon Relationship

Before we dive into the reasons why your Pokemon don’t obey, it’s essential to understand the trainer-Pokemon relationship. Your Pokemon looks up to you and trusts you to guide them in battle. As their trainer, it’s your job to build a strong bond with your Pokemon based on mutual trust and respect. This bond is crucial for your Pokemon to follow your commands without hesitation.

Why Your Pokemon Don’t Obey

Now that we’ve established the importance of the trainer-Pokemon bond, let’s explore the reasons why your Pokemon don’t obey.

1) Lack of trust: If your Pokemon doesn’t trust you or feels that you don’t trust them, they will be hesitant to follow your commands. Building trust takes time, but taking simple steps like feeding your Pokemon or spending time with them outside of battles can go a long way.

2) Overwhelming emotions: Pokemon are emotional beings, and if they’re feeling too overwhelmed, they may not obey your commands. When in battle, it’s essential to read your Pokemon’s emotions and act accordingly. For example, if your Pokemon is scared, ease them into the battle and give them time to adjust.

3) The wrong type of Pokemon: Every Pokemon has a unique personality and characteristics. Some Pokemon are independent and may not respond well to being ordered around, while others crave direction. Be sure to choose a Pokemon that matches your style of command and personality.

4) Poor training: Training your Pokemon is an ongoing process, and if you neglect this aspect, your Pokemon may not obey. Taking the time to train your Pokemon correctly and regularly can vastly improve their obedience levels.

Overcoming Disobedience

Now that you understand why your Pokemon may not obey, it’s time to tackle the disobedience head-on. Here are some tips to help you overcome your Pokemon’s disobedience:

1) Build trust: As we mentioned earlier, trust is the foundation of the trainer-Pokemon bond. Take the time to bond with your Pokemon outside of battles and show them that you care.

2) Read your Pokemon’s emotions: When in battle, pay attention to your Pokemon’s body language and emotions. Adjust your commands accordingly to keep them calm and focused.

3) Choose the right type of Pokemon: If your current Pokemon doesn’t respond well to your commands, try switching to a different type that suits your personality and style of command better.

4) Train regularly: Training is crucial to maintaining a good bond with your Pokemon. It also instills discipline and respect in your Pokemon, which leads to better obedience.


Obedience is a fundamental part of being a successful Pokemon trainer. Remember that it’s up to you to build a solid bond with your Pokemon based on mutual trust and respect. Understand your Pokemon’s emotions, choose a compatible type, and train regularly to achieve better obedience. With patience, practice, and perseverance, you can overcome disobedience and become a top-notch Pokemon trainer.


1) How long does it take to build a strong bond with my Pokemon?

Building a bond takes time, and it varies from Pokemon to Pokemon. However, taking simple steps like feeding your Pokemon or spending time with them outside of battles can speed up the process.

2) Can disobedience be fixed?

Yes, obedience can be fixed with patience, practice, and perseverance.

3) Is it essential to read my Pokemon’s emotions during battles?

Yes, reading your Pokemon’s emotions during battles is essential. Adjusting your commands accordingly can keep them calm, focused, and more obedient.

4) How often should I train my Pokemon?

It’s essential to train your Pokemon regularly to maintain discipline and respect. A good rule of thumb is to train your Pokemon daily or at least once a week.

5) How do I know if I’ve built a strong bond with my Pokemon?

You’ll know you’ve built a strong bond with your Pokemon when they obey your commands without hesitation, follow you willingly, and show signs of affection towards you.

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