Why Your Pokemon Aren’t Obeying You – Understanding the Key Factors

Why Your Pokemon Aren’t Obeying You – Understanding the Key Factors

As a Pokemon trainer, it can be frustrating when your beloved Pokemon don’t seem to listen to your commands. Even if you’ve trained them well and have a strong bond with them, there are times when they simply won’t obey. But why is this happening? In this article, we’ll explore the key factors behind your disobedient Pokemon and what you can do to improve their obedience.

1. Level Gap

One of the most common reasons why your Pokemon may not be obeying you is due to a level gap. In the Pokemon games, certain Pokemon have a level cap, which means they won’t listen to commands from trainers who have a higher level than them. For example, if your Pikachu is level 20 and you’re facing an opponent with a level 30 Pokemon, your Pikachu may not obey your commands. To overcome this, make sure to level up your Pokemon and keep them within the same range as your opponents.

2. Lack of Trust

Trust is a crucial factor when it comes to your Pokemon’s obedience. If your Pokemon doesn’t trust you, they won’t feel the need to follow your commands. Building trust takes time and effort, but it’s worth it in the long run. Spend time with your Pokemon, give them treats, and battle alongside them to show that you’re a reliable trainer.

3. Status Conditions

Status conditions, such as paralysis or confusion, can also affect your Pokemon’s obedience. When your Pokemon is under a status condition, their accuracy and speed will decrease, which may cause them to miss your commands or act erratically. Make sure to heal your Pokemon’s status conditions before battle or during battle if possible.

4. Gym Badges

Gym badges play an important role in your Pokemon’s obedience. In the Pokemon games, certain gyms require you to have a certain number of badges before you can challenge them. The more badges you have, the higher the level cap for your Pokemon. Make sure to collect badges throughout the game to increase your Pokemon’s obedience.

5. Nature

Every Pokemon has a nature that affects their stats and behavior. Some natures are more stubborn or independent than others, which may affect their obedience. Take note of your Pokemon’s nature and adjust your training methods accordingly.

6. Moves and Abilities

Certain moves and abilities can also affect your Pokemon’s obedience. For example, the move Swagger will increase your opponent’s attack while confusing your own Pokemon, which may cause them to disobey. Make sure to carefully select moves and abilities that won’t hinder your Pokemon’s obedience.

In conclusion, disobedient Pokemon can be frustrating, but understanding the key factors behind their behavior can help you improve their obedience. By building trust, leveling up, healing status conditions, collecting gym badges, considering nature, and selecting appropriate moves and abilities, you can ensure that your Pokemon will always listen to your commands. Happy training!


1. What does it mean when a Pokemon won’t obey your commands?
When your Pokemon won’t obey your commands, it means they’re either under a status condition, at a lower level than your opponent, or lack trust in you as a trainer.

2. How can I improve my Pokemon’s obedience?
To improve your Pokemon’s obedience, you can build trust by spending time with them and battling alongside them, level up to match your opponents, heal status conditions, collect gym badges, and select appropriate moves and abilities.

3. Can a Pokemon’s nature affect their obedience?
Yes, a Pokemon’s nature can affect their obedience. Some natures are more stubborn or independent than others, which may affect how they respond to your commands.

4. Are certain moves and abilities more likely to cause disobedience in Pokemon?
Yes, certain moves and abilities, such as Swagger, can negatively affect your Pokemon’s obedience by causing confusion or lowering their accuracy and speed.

5. How important are gym badges for Pokemon obedience?
Gym badges are important for Pokemon obedience as they increase the level cap for your Pokemon. The more badges you have, the more obedience you can expect from your Pokemon.

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