Why Your Pokemon Aren’t Obeying You: Tips and Tricks for Better Training

Why Your Pokemon Aren’t Obeying You: Tips and Tricks for Better Training

Pokemon training is a complicated process that requires patience, hard work, and dedication. However, many trainers have experienced situations where their Pokemon fails to obey their commands, making them lose battles and hampering their performance. If your Pokemon isn’t listening to you, you may wonder why that is happening. In this article, we will explore common reasons why Pokemon don’t obey commands and outline some tips and tricks for better training.

Reasons Why Your Pokemon Aren’t Obeying You

1) Insufficient Gym Badges

In the Pokemon world, gyms are dotted throughout regions. Winning against the gym leaders will earn you badges. The number of badges you collect plays a significant role in how well your Pokemon will listen to you. The more badges you possess, the more experienced Pokemon listen to you, which means that if you have a Lv. 20 Pokemon, it should listen to you without fail if you have seven badges.

2) Low Level

Pokemon trainers should always level up their Pokemon. Catching an untamed Pokemon and training it under the name is helpful, but one should also take steps to level up the Pokemon with techniques like rare candies or through battle experience. If your Pokemon is under leveled, it may obey you less frequently. So, it’s best to level up your Pokemon as it grows stronger in your team.

3) Lack of Friendship

Friendship is a concept in the Pokemon universe that’s measured using the Friendship stat. This parameter determines how much the Pokemon likes the trainer; the higher this rating is, the more obedient the Pokemon will be. For instance, if the trainer doesn’t appreciate the Pokemon, then the Pokemon may not listen to the trainer’s orders.

4) Agitated or Fainted Pokemon

If your Pokemon faints in a battle, its morale takes a sizable hit. This leads to the Pokemon’s obedience being reduced, and this situation may persist even after the Pokemon has been revived. Therefore, it’s always a wise move to provide your Pokemon with healing items as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that it’s likely to be stubborn, agitated, or uncooperative after being revived, so it’s best to keep calm and wait for it to calm down before attempting further training.

5) Repeated Orders

There are certain cases in which trainers give way too many instruction repetitively, and this might be one of the reasons Pokemon aren’t obeying them. Cluttering your Pokemon with too many directives is not beneficial, and it’s likely to become irritated and disobedient. Therefore, it’s essential to give your Pokemon some space to operate and rest, allowing them time to eat, sleep, and relax as they desire.

Tips and Tricks for Better Training

1) Build a Strong Bond

To improve the likelihood of your Pokemon following orders, it’s essential to develop a strong bond between you and your Pokemon. To achieve this, take steps such as feeding it nutritious meals, playing with it, and taking it for a walk. Furthermore, try to avoid scolding it if it makes a mistake. Instead, let it learn by making errors and praising it when it accomplishes something.

2) Use Different Training Methods

Changing the rhythm of how you train your Pokemon is a clever way to keep them engaged and motivated. It would be best to start with basic commands such as “sit,” “stay,” “fetch,” and then include more advanced instructions like “fight,” “evolve,” and “calculate.” Use training techniques that are related to your Pokemon’s element and set limits for the training.

3) Battle Effectively

When battling a wild Pokemon or against another trainer, be sure to use moves and strategies that will boost your Pokemon’s stats. For instance, executing the Calm Mind technique will enhance your Pokemon’s Special Attack and Special Defense, making it more obedient and confident in combat.

4) Match Pokemon’s Traits with Each Other

When considering putting together a team, one of the most important factors to consider is matching each Pokemon’s unique traits and skillset. A well-thought-out team is more likely to perform better during battle, leading to an increase in loyalty and obedience.

5) Be Patient

Patience is essential when training your Pokemon to obey orders. It’s essential to avoid being restless and to encourage your Pokemon gently to become more obedient. Be consistent with your training routine, and your Pokemon will eventually become more trusting of your orders.


In conclusion, building a strong bond with your Pokemon, using different training methods, and battling effectively are some of the essential tips and tricks for training Pokemon. Avoiding repeating orders and being extra patient while training can also improve the chances of your Pokemon behaving obediently. By approaching training with a relaxed and creative mindset, trainers can foster stronger relationships with their Pokemon, resulting in them listening to their every command more diligently.

Unique FAQs

1) Can all Pokemon learn the same moves?

No, each Pokemon has its unique set of moves that can be learned, including a signature move.

2) Why isn’t my Pokemon obeying me?

There are several reasons why your Pokemon may not obey your commands, including low level, lack of friendship, and insufficient gym badges.

3) Should I scold my Pokemon if it makes a mistake?

It’s not recommended to scold your Pokemon if it makes a mistake. Instead, use positive reinforcement techniques to encourage it to perform better next time.

4) Do legendary Pokemon obey the same rules as other Pokemon?

Yes, legendary Pokemon obey the same rules as other Pokemon. However, their rarity and strength make them difficult to catch and train effectively.

5) Can I train shiny Pokemon with the same techniques as regular Pokemon?

Yes, you can train shiny Pokemon with the same techniques as regular Pokemon. However, keep in mind that shiny Pokemon are rare, and it may take longer to find and catch them.

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