Why Your Pokemon Aren’t Obeying – Tips to Improve Your Bond and Win Battles!

Why Your Pokemon Aren’t Obeying – Tips to Improve Your Bond and Win Battles!

Pokemon battles are an integral part of the Pokemon franchise, and as a trainer, it can be disheartening when your Pokemon do not obey your commands. In this article, we’ll explore some reasons why your Pokemon may not be listening to you, and provide helpful tips to improve your bond with them and win battles!

1. Insufficient Badges
One of the most common reasons for disobedience is having insufficient badges. In the world of Pokemon, each region has a set number of gyms, and trainers must defeat the gym leaders to obtain badges. These badges serve as proof of your strength and are required to make your Pokemon obey your commands. Without enough badges, your Pokemon may turn disobedient.

2. Lack of Friendship
The bond between a trainer and their Pokemon is crucial for success in battles. If you have not spent enough time with your Pokemon, they may not obey your commands. To improve your bond with your Pokemon, try spending more time with them, playing games, feeding them their favorite food, and giving them massages.

3. Overleveling
Overleveling refers to the practice of leveling up your Pokemon too much in relation to the gym leaders and other trainers you’ll encounter. If your Pokemon are too strong, they may not obey your commands, so it’s important to train them evenly to avoid overleveling. This will help to ensure that you’ll be able to use your most powerful moves and strategies.

4. Lack of Discipline
If your Pokemon are simply not listening to you, it may be because they lack discipline. Discipline is important in any training program, and it takes patience and consistency to establish. Positive reinforcement is a powerful tool in training your Pokemon, so make sure to reward them for good behavior.

5. Binding Moves and Abilities
Some Pokemon have binding moves and abilities that can prevent them from using moves for a certain number of turns. For instance, Wrap and Bind hold the opponent in place, while Taunt forces them to only use attacking moves. These moves can be frustrating, but they can also provide a way to win battles.

In conclusion, disobedience among Pokemon is not uncommon. As trainers, it’s important to understand why our Pokemon may not be obeying us, and take steps to improve our bond with them. By following the tips provided in this article, you can improve your chances of winning battles and becoming a successful Pokemon trainer!


1. How many badges do I need to have to make my Pokemon obey me?
– The number of badges required varies by region, but typically you need at least 4-6 badges to make your Pokemon obey you completely.

2. How long should I spend with my Pokemon to improve our friendship?
– The amount of time needed varies, but try to spend at least an hour each day playing with your Pokemon, feeding them, and training.

3. Does overleveling really affect my Pokemon’s obedience?
– Yes, overleveling can cause your Pokemon to disobey your commands, so make sure to train them evenly to avoid this issue.

4. How can I teach my Pokemon discipline?
– Discipline takes patience and consistency. Use positive reinforcement to reward good behavior, and be consistent with your training.

5. Can binding moves and abilities really prevent my Pokemon from using moves?
– Yes, binding moves and abilities can prevent your Pokemon from using moves for a certain number of turns, so make sure to plan accordingly in battles.

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