Why Your Pokemon Aren’t Obeying and How to Fix it: Tips and Tricks for a Stronger Bond

As a seasoned Pokemon trainer, there can be nothing more frustrating than having your Pikachu blatantly refuse to follow your commands in the middle of an intense battle. Perhaps you have spent hours training your Pokemon to be the best, and yet when the crunch time comes, they simply refuse to obey your orders. If this is a concern that sounds familiar, fear not, as there are several tips and tricks to help you bond better with your Pokemon and get them to be more obedient.

Train Your Pokemon Properly

One of the most common reasons for disobedience in Pokemon is a lack of proper training. Without the right training techniques, it can be difficult to get your Pokemon to follow your commands. The best approach to training is to start with simple commands and work your way up gradually to more complex instructions. Start with basic commands like ‘come,’ ‘sit,’ and ‘stay,’ and then move on to more challenging maneuvers that require greater physical and mental effort.

Provide Positive Reinforcement

Training your Pokemon is not only about getting them to follow your commands. Instead, it is about building a bond of trust and mutual respect between you and your Pokemon. One of the best ways to achieve this is through positive reinforcement. Whenever your Pokemon obeys your commands, reward them with positive feedback and treats, such as berries or poffins. This will motivate them to keep obeying you and make them happy in the process.

Understand Your Pokemon’s Personality

Observe your Pokemon’s personality and betting on the best way to tackle it. Every Pokemon has a unique personality, which means that they will react to training and commands differently. Some Pokemon are naturally more stubborn and require a bit more coaxing. Others are eager to please and will always follow your commands from the get-go. Understanding your Pokemon’s personality is a crucial step in effective training, as this will help you tailor your approach to suit their individual needs.

Use TMs and HMs

In the world of Pokemon, Technical Machines (TMs) and Hidden Machines (HMs) are essential tools in a trainer’s arsenal. These devices can be used to teach your Pokemon new moves and abilities, which can help them perform better during battles. Using TMs and HMs can also be a useful way to get your Pokemon to obey your commands, as the new moves and abilities will make them more excited to follow your instructions and even show off their new skills in battle.


In conclusion, disobedient Pokemon can be a common problem for even the most experienced of Pokemon trainers. However, by following these tips and tricks, you can build a stronger bond with your Pokemon and get them to be more obedient. Remember to train your Pokemon properly, provide positive reinforcement, understand your Pokemon’s personality, and use TMs and HMs to help them become more skilled in battle. With a little patience, determination, and consistency on your part, you can establish a stronger bond with your Pokemon, and achieve the mutual respect and trust needed for them to obey your every command.


1. How do I know if my Pokemon is disobedient?
A: You can tell your Pokemon is disobedient if -when battling- they simply refuse to obey your commands, even after you have given them specific instructions.

2. Can disobedience affect my Pokemon’s performance in battle?
A: Yes, disobedient Pokemon may not perform their best during battles, as they may ignore your orders or not execute them correctly.

3. How crucial is training in getting Pokemon to obey commands?
A: Training is vital in helping Pokemon obey commands. Proper training techniques can help build trust, mutual respect, and a bond between you and your Pokemon.

4. What do I do when my Pokemon is stubborn and refuses to obey me?
A: When your Pokemon is stubborn, try changing your training techniques or use positive reinforcement techniques to encourage them to follow your commands.

5. Will using TMs and HMs make my Pokemon more obedient?
A: Yes, using TMs and HMs can make your Pokemon more excited and skilled in battle, which can motivate them to obey your commands more readily.

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