Why Your Pokémon Are Disobeying You: The Top Reasons and Solutions

Why Your Pokémon Are Disobeying You: The Top Reasons and Solutions

Are you feeling frustrated because your Pokémon are not obeying you in battles, or ignoring your commands during training? Don’t worry; you are not alone. Disobedient Pokémon is a common problem that many trainers face, and it can be caused by several reasons.

In this article, we’ll explore the top reasons why your Pokémon are disobeying you and provide solutions on how to tackle this problem. So, grab your Pokéballs and let’s dive in.

Reason 1: Your Pokémon’s happiness level is low

One of the primary reasons why your Pokémon might be disobeying you is their happiness level. Pokémon are creatures that feel emotions, just like humans, and their happiness level affects their performance in battles and training. In the Pokémon game series, happiness is indicated by a stat called “Friendship,” which can range from 0 to 255. If your Pokémon’s Friendship level is low, they are more likely to disobey your commands.

Solution: Increase your Pokémon’s happiness level

There are several ways to increase your Pokémon’s happiness level, such as giving them massages, using vitamins, cooking food for them, and playing with them. Additionally, certain Pokémon evolve when their happiness level reaches a specific threshold. For instance, Eevee evolves into Espeon or Umbreon depending on its happiness level during evolution. Therefore, it’s essential to prioritize your Pokémon’s happiness level to improve their performance.

Reason 2: Your Pokémon’s level is too high compared to your trainer level

Another reason why your Pokémon might be disobeying you is if their level is too high compared to your trainer level. In the Pokémon game series, every Pokémon has an obedience level, which determines if they’ll obey your commands based on your trainer level. The obedience level is calculated as follows:

Obeying level = Pokemon level / 10 + 1

For instance, if your trainer level is 20, and you have a level 30 Pikachu, its obedience level will be calculated as 30/10 + 1 = 4. Therefore, if your Pikachu’s obedience level is lower than your trainer level, it will disobey your commands.

Solution: Train your Pokémon at lower levels

To ensure your Pokémon obey your commands during battles and training, train them at lower levels until your trainer level increases. Additionally, if you caught a high-level wild Pokémon, you could use an Exp. Share to level up your other Pokémon while keeping your trainer level in check.

Reason 3: Your Pokémon have a rebellious nature

Similarly to humans, every Pokémon has its personality and nature, which affects their behavior. Some Pokémon have a rebellious nature that makes them less likely to obey their trainer’s commands, while others are more obedient by nature.

Solution: Change your training methods

If you have a rebellious Pokémon, change your training methods to suit their nature. For instance, use positive reinforcement methods like praise and rewards for good behavior, rather than negative reinforcement methods like punishment for bad behavior. Additionally, you can try to improve your bond with your Pokémon through friendship-raising activities, which will make them more likely to obey your commands.

Reason 4: Your Pokémon are holding an Everstone

The Everstone is an item in the Pokémon game series that prevents a Pokémon from evolving when held. If your Pokémon is holding an Everstone, it will disobey your commands during battles and training.

Solution: Remove the Everstone

To remove the Everstone, go to your Pokémon’s inventory, select the Everstone, and choose “Take.” Once removed, your Pokémon should start obeying your commands again.

In conclusion, disobedient Pokémon can be caused by several factors, including low happiness, high level compared to your trainer level, rebellious nature, and Everstone holding. However, by following the above solutions, you can tackle this problem and train your Pokémon to become the best fighters they can be. Remember, happy and well-trained Pokémon make for excellent battle partners.


1. Are there any other factors that can affect my Pokémon’s obedience level?
Yes, there are other factors, such as battling with the opposing Pokémon for too long, causing fatigue or pain, which can affect your Pokémon’s obedience level. Additionally, some Pokémon have specific abilities or moves that can lower their obedience level.

2. How does a Pokémon’s obedience level affect their performance?
When a Pokémon’s obedience level is high, they are more likely to follow your commands, making them more efficient in battles and training. Conversely, when their obedience level is low, they are less likely to obey your commands, making them less effective.

3. Can I improve my Pokémon’s obedience level during a battle?
Yes, you can improve your Pokémon’s obedience level during a battle by using certain items like Friendship Berries, which increase their friendship level, and Revives, which restore their HP. Additionally, using moves that raise happiness or lower their opponent’s stats can also be helpful.

4. How often should I check my Pokémon’s happiness level?
It’s recommended to check your Pokémon’s happiness level occasionally, preferably after every level up or evolution. Additionally, observe their behavior during battles and training to determine if their disobedience level is increasing.

5. Can I trade my disobedient Pokémon for a more obedient one?
Yes, you can trade your Pokémon with other trainers to get a more obedient one, although it’s important to note that obedience level can vary between individual Pokémon, depending on factors like nature and training methods.

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