Why Your Pokemon Are Disobeying You and How to Solve It

Why Your Pokemon Are Disobeying You and How to Solve It

As a Pokemon trainer, there’s nothing more frustrating than having your loyal creatures disobey your every command. You might be wondering why your Pokemon are acting out, and what you can do to solve the issue. There are a few reasons why this might be happening, and fortunately, there are also some solutions you can try to regain your Pokemon’s trust and obedience.

1. Lack of Respect

One reason why your Pokemon might be disobeying you is due to a lack of respect. This can occur when you haven’t done enough to earn your Pokemon’s trust and loyalty. If you haven’t spent enough time with your Pokemon or trained them properly, they might not see you as a true leader.

To solve this problem, you need to start building a stronger relationship with your Pokemon. Spend time with them, play with them, and show them that you care. Train your Pokemon regularly and reward them when they do something right. By showing your Pokemon respect and love, they will be more likely to obey you.

2. High Level Gap

Another reason why your Pokemon might be disobeying you is due to a high level gap. When you catch a new Pokemon, it might be at a lower level than your other Pokemon. If that’s the case, it might not obey you right away because it doesn’t see you as its superior.

To solve this problem, you need to level up your Pokemon. You can do this by battling other trainers or wild Pokemon, or by using items like Rare Candies. As your Pokemon levels up, it will become more obedient and powerful.

3. Disruption of Nature

A third reason why your Pokemon might be disobeying you is due to a disruption of nature. Pokemon are living creatures, and they need to be treated with care and respect. If you’re forcing your Pokemon to battle too much, or if you’re not allowing them enough time to rest and heal, they might become disobedient and resentful.

To solve this problem, you need to give your Pokemon the care and respect they deserve. Don’t force them to battle if they’re injured or tired. Give them time to rest and heal, and make sure they’re getting enough food and water. By treating your Pokemon well, they will be more likely to obey you without hesitation.

4. Need for a Strong Bond

A fourth reason why your Pokemon might be disobedient is due to a lack of a strong bond. This means that you may have caught your Pokemon not too long ago, and they still may not trust you.

To solve this problem, you will need to spend more time with your Pokemon. This includes training for battle, but it also includes simply spending time with one another. Consider bonding activities such as playing catch or having a picnic with your Pokemon.

5. Incorrect Use of Moves

A fifth reason why your Pokemon may be disobeying you is due to incorrect use of moves. Sometimes players might use a non-attacking move in battle where they’re supposed to use an attack move.

To solve this problem, keep practicing and researching which skill moves are best for which Pokemon. With a deeper understanding of the different machines, you will learn when to apply one move over the other. Also, as your Pokemon gains more levels, they will acquire new skills that will be more powerful than their previous ones.


Disobedience from Pokemon can be caused by numerous reasons varying from leveling up issues, lack of respect, downtime, incorrect use of moves, and need for a strong bond. Trainers should take into account what is causing their Pokemon to act in such a way and then take action. With the right care, rest and attention, Pokemon will undoubtedly start obeying their trainers.


1. How do I maintain a strong bond with my Pokemon?
Creating a bond with Pokemon includes spending quality time with them, giving them their needed rest, playing with them in addition to training.

2. How can I level up my Pokemon?
Leveling up your Pokemon includes fighting other trainers, battling other Pokemon and using Rare Candies.

3. Can Pokemon completely disobey their owners?
This is rare but certainly possible, especially if the Pokemon has been mistreated or not given enough time to rest and heal.

4. Can disobedience cause Pokemon to evolve slower?
No, disobedience doesn’t slow down evolution. But disobedience can cause some Pokemon to ignore you, thus making it harder for them to evolve.

5. Can disobedience trigger health repercussions on Pokemon?
Yes, disobedience can cause stress and anxiety in Pokemon, leading to adverse health effects such as suppressed appetite, lethargy, and sleeplessness.

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