Why You Can’t Join Your Friend in Elden Ring: Solutions and Workarounds

Why You Can’t Join Your Friend in Elden Ring: Solutions and Workarounds

Elden Ring, the upcoming action-RPG from FromSoftware, is already hyped among the gaming community. Players eagerly await its launch, but what has caught their attention most is the game’s multiplayer feature. Players can enjoy the game with their friends by joining them in co-op mode for an exciting adventure.

However, many gamers are facing the issue that they cannot join their friends in Elden Ring, despite their attempts. This issue seems to be prevalent among many players worldwide, leaving them frustrated and disappointed. In this article, we will take a look at the reasons why you cannot join your friend in Elden Ring and identify some solutions and workarounds.

Why Can’t You Join Your Friends in Elden Ring?

The game’s multiplayer feature is the main attraction, but it is not immune to issues that affect players’ ability to connect with their friends. There could be multiple reasons why you are facing this issue.

One of the significant reasons could be the game’s server capacity. With millions of players ready to join the co-op mode, it is possible that the servers are overloaded or experiencing issues, resulting in players not being able to connect with each other.

Another primary reason could be the NAT type of your and your friend’s internet connection. Networks that are set to “strict NAT” can limit the connection establishment of games, making it difficult for players to join multiplayer games. Additionally, the game may have specific requirements regarding the connection speed and latency between players, which could limit successful multiplayer gameplay.

Lastly, it could be possible that the game’s developers have not yet adequately addressed this issue or are still working on a fix, and players will have to wait for the developers to release a patch to resolve their connectivity issues.

Solutions and Workarounds for Connecting with Your Friends in Elden Ring

1. Check your NAT type: As previously stated, the NAT type of your internet connection could be a reason why you are not able to join your friend in Elden Ring. Checking and changing your NAT type may resolve this issue. If you’re unsure about how to check or change your NAT type, do consult your internet service provider or perform a quick Google search.

2. Ensure your game’s version is up-to-date: Keeping your game updated is essential, as patches and updates can resolve issues that might be affecting your connection with friends.

3. Use a VPN service: If your NAT type is not the culprit, you might want to consider using a VPN service. VPN services can help mask your internet connection, making it easier for players to connect with each other. But do be aware that using a VPN service may impact your internet speed.

4. Close other high-bandwidth applications: If you are playing Elden Ring while running other computer programs that take up a lot of bandwidth, it can affect your game’s connection. Closing all high-bandwidth applications while playing the game may resolve your connectivity issues.

5. Try connecting with your friend through Steam, Discord or any other third-party service: If the game’s multiplayer mode is not working correctly, you can attempt to connect with your friend using any third-party service. Using a voice chat service like Discord, you can quickly share your game details and join your friend to play Elden Ring.


Playing Elden Ring with your friends is an exciting experience, but it can be frustrating when you are not able to connect with them. However, with the solutions and workarounds discussed in this article, you can try resolving your connectivity issues and enjoy the game with your friends. In case none of the solutions work, you can wait for the developers to release a patch or update that addresses multiplayer connectivity issues.


1. How many players can play the co-op mode in Elden Ring?
A. Up to two players can play the co-op mode in Elden Ring.

2. Do I need to have a Steam account to play Elden Ring?
A. Yes, you will need to have a Steam account to play Elden Ring on PC.

3. Can I join my friend in Elden Ring who is playing on a different platform than me?
A. No, cross-platform multiplayer is not available in Elden Ring.

4. Can I play Elden Ring without an internet connection?
A. No, Elden Ring requires an internet connection to play.

5. Can I modify the game files to play with my friend?
A. Modifying game files can result in a ban from the game’s official servers and is not recommended.

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